Star Wars Unveils The Rebellion’s Very Own Death Star

The Death Star might normally be associated with The Empire but it looks like the Rebellion may have had plans to create their very own version of the massive planet-destroying weapon.

Marvel Comics' main Star Wars series has been expanding the lore of the franchise in many ways, and that includes an arc where the Rebellion becomes a true threat to the Empire.

Star Wars #68 comes from writer Greg Pack and from artist Phil Notom featuring a story set right before The Empire Strikes Back during a part of the opening crawl text where the Rebels are trying their best to keep the Hoth Base a secret from the Empire.

The Rebel's counterintelligence agents have been assigned in the comic book issue, and Chewie and C-3P0 have been assigned to take down an entire planet. The two are tasked to set a trap for the Empire to descend upon. Then they detonate the planet and the Empire's fleet with it.

"The plan is to lure as many Imperial Star Destroyers to K43 as possible, and then blow it up. It'll be our own little death star," the Rebel General Rieekan tells Chewie.

It's not exactly like a Death Star which shoots at planets and destroys them, but it does bring death along with it. It isn't a very humane kind of trap, though we're hoping that the comic tries to fix this plan that General Rieekan has for Chewie and C-3PO. We're pretty sure that it would go against the droid's protocols anyway.

Star Wars #68 is now available for purchase.

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