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Disney+ Confirms Two Star Wars Show Releases in 2024

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew
Credit: Lucasfilm

Following the airing of Ahsoka a few months ago, fans are looking forward to seeing more upcoming Star Wars shows that will premiere next year, especially as the franchise is expanding its foray into the streaming TV format.

While the months-long Hollywood strikes have slowed down the movement of some of the projects, there are still a couple of TV shows on the backburner that were able to finish production before the shutdown.

Now, we finally have the official word on which Star Wars TV shows are confirmed to premiere on Disney+ next year.

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The Acolyte and Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Will Premiere in 2024

The Acolyte logo
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Credit: Lucasfilm

The Disney+ UK press release confirmed that the Star Wars live-action shows The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew will premiere in the streamer in 2024.

However, the second season of Andor, the third season of The Bad Batch, and the second season of Tales of the Jedi were absent from the list, suggesting that they might not be able to make it on air next year.

It's not surprising that The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew will be able to premiere next year since both of them were able to finish production before the strikes and they are farther in their progress since they're now in post-production.

The second season of Andor was notably affected by the strike and its production was shut down when the actors' strike commenced last July. It will likely resume very soon since it's finally over.

If we can make a guess, it will now likely premiere by early 2025 so that they can have more time to finish the remainder of its production and an extended amount of time for post-production.

As for the two animated shows, perhaps they're still in the middle of the tedious animation process which is why Lucasfilm has not set their release window for next year.

Meanwhile, the third season of The Mandalorian is slated to begin filming around next year with a potential release in 2025 while the potential second season of Ahsoka is still in discussions at Lucasfilm.

While there might be less Star Wars content on Disney+ next year than expected, the two shows are still promising as they're both new projects that have exciting premises that fans could look forward to, especially with The Acolyte being set in the High Republic.

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