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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Reportedly Sets 2024 Release Window

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew
Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is one of the many Disney+ shows that are set to release next year and fans are looking forward to seeing the new project set in the MandoVerse timeline of the Star Wars franchise.

While most of the plot details are currently wrapped, we do know that it will focus on younger characters who find themselves in an adventure around the galaxy alongside Jude Law's mysterious Force-user character.

The series has been in the works for a while now as production already wrapped earlier this year and there have been questions regarding when it will be ready for release.

Now, it looks like we finally have a release window for the series and it seems that fans may have to wait longer.

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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Reportedly Lands 2024 Holiday Release

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew logo
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Credit: Lucasfilm

According to scooper MakingStarWars (via Bespin Bulletin), Lucasfilm and Disney+ are circling a 2024 holiday release for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, potentially around the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"Yeah, it’s not what I want and what Bespin Bulletin has heard and what I have now heard from two separated sources is it would be out like after Halloween," they said.

"Today I spoke to somebody that said that they, this is a Lucasfilm person, expect it to be Holiday 2024. Christmas season. When I hear holiday season, I expect between Thanksgiving and Christmas."

So far, Lucasfilm and Disney+ have not confirmed the scoop yet, but they have announced in the past that it will release around 2024.

This news could be disappointing for many fans since it would mean that we still have to wait for a year before its release and perhaps they just want to take a lot of time in its post-production to make sure that it will be as great as it can be.

However, Star Wars fans have nothing to worry about in terms of content since they are also set to release The Acolyte and the second season of Andor next year and it is likely that they will arrive first before Skeleton Crew.

For now, let's wait for more news and updates surrounding the release of the series. We might be hearing more announcements and other promos throughout 2024 that should hype up the fans leading to the release.

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For now, fans should wait for news and announcements surrounding the release of the

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