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Star Wars: Diego Luna Thought Andor Was 'Too Perfect' During Production

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There is little doubt that the first season of Andor was a welcome addition to the Star Wars Universe as it focused on the beginning of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Interestingly, Diego Luna admitted that he couldn't believe that the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel was in production and thought it was "too perfect."

Diego Luna recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter where he spoke about working on the first season of Andor. The Rogue One actor pointed out that production was going so well that he couldn't believe it was happening.

“I always had a feeling that this wasn’t gonna see the light [of day] till it did. I kept going, ‘This is too perfect. This is working,’” Luna said. “So everything just kept getting better and better, and I always had the feeling that something had to go wrong. But it didn’t.”

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He explained, “We had the freedom and the support of Disney and Lucas[film]. We had the confidence of Kathy [Kennedy] behind the show.”

Diego Luna also teased Cassian Andor's mindset in Andor Season 2.

“He says he wants to be a part of the Rebellion, but I’m not sure if he knows what that means yet. He’s basically saying, ‘I want to speak the language,’ but now he has to learn it,” Luna said.

“And so it’s going to take longer. We’re gonna go for four years [in Season 2], and when we find him, he’s so far away from where we left him at the end of season one. He’s basically the guy to trust for something like that mission,” he said.

The first season of Andor concluded with Cassian asking Luthen Rael to let him join the Rebel Alliance. This confirms that Season 2 will follow Cassian as he becomes a Rebel. Needless to say, it will lead the story to the events in Rogue One.

Andor Season 2 is in production and is set to premiere on Disney+ in August 2024.

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