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Netflix Brings Squid Game to Life in New Reality Show

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Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

There's no denying that the hit Korean drama series Squid Game took the entire world by storm in 2021, achieving unprecedented success over the course of its nine-episode run.

The series, which revolves around a secret survival contest where over 400 participants risk their lives to win a whopping 45.6 billion Won (around USD 35 million) by playing a series of games has reached phenomenal status, so much so that Netflix greenlit a second season.

But did you know that Squid Game's popularity has gotten to the next level? For the uninitiated, the show has spawned a spinoff reality show that pretty much mimics everything we see in the drama and Netflix just unveiled its official trailer.

Netflix Releases First Trailer for Squid Game: The Challenge Reality Show

Squid Game
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Credit: Netflix

A new game show based on the hit series, titled Squid Game: The Challenge will hit the streaming giant later this year, and judging by its first official teaser, it's just as exciting as the series it drew inspiration from.

Just like in the drama, 400 competitors will face larger-than-life challenges in hopes of winning the prize of over $4.56 million. Don't worry though, because players won't be asked to risk their lives but the stakes are undoubtedly high.

Avid fans of the drama series will also love the reality show because it features familiar characters from Squid Game, like the Pink Soldiers and Young-hee, the large robotic doll from the now-iconic "Red Light, Green Light" game.

Check out the official trailer for Squid Game: The Challenge here:

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Squid Game: The Challenge will hit Netflix on November 22.

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