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Top Reasons Why You Should Watch Squid Game

Gi-hun frowning in Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

When Squid Game was released in 2021, it became one of Netflix’s most successful series. It received praise from viewers across different countries and became one of the most popular shows ever.

Now, if you're someone who missed the show or just never jumped on the bandwagon during the height of its popularity, you may be asking, what makes Squid Game an entertaining watch? Here’s why you should watch Squid Game:

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  1. The Interesting Plot

    Squid Game’s story makes it stand out. People with financial problems are invited to join a mysterious game for a chance to win a cash prize.

    They are to compete in a series of children’s games, but later on, they find out that the losers of the games die. The winner takes 45.6 billion won, but the losers pay the ultimate price – their lives.

    How the story is told is also done in a unique way because you’re not just looking at things from the players’ perspectives. Through one character, you are able to see how everything operates behind the scenes.

    There’s also the deadly twist in children’s games and the message Squid Game sends (discussed below).

    Notably, Squid Game also stands out in the Korean entertainment industry because it’s a show that’s not centered on romance, something Korean dramas are widely known for.

  2. The Relatable Characters

    Each character in Squid Game has a story to tell, which is why the audience might find themselves rooting for different players.

    The players have interesting background stories: a gambling addict who wants to have custody of his daughter; a North Korean defector who wants her family united; a migrant worker from Pakistan who needs to provide for his family.

    The characters’ backstories make you understand why they chose to participate in the games. At the same time, you may find yourself relating to them in some ways.

  3. The Deadly Twists to Childhood Games

    You will never look at childhood games the same way again. Squid Game makes you recall some children’s games, but they come with violent twists. This makes Squid Game stand out from other survival genre shows.

    The rules of the games may be simple, but making a mistake will cost you your life. There are no second chances. You lose, you die.

    So, you can reminisce about childhood games you used to play back then such as Red Light, Green Light, but that comes with some twists. The games are nerve-wracking, but they’re also addictive to watch.

  4. The Suspense

    Throughout the series, you will find yourself wondering who dies next and how they will die. You will also find yourself looking forward to the next game, even though your favorite character might die.

    The series is filled with unpredictable events, shocking plot twists, and other things you won’t see coming. It will keep you anticipating what will happen next. This will lead you to binge-watching all nine episodes in a day.

  5. The Mysteries

    Along with the games come the mysteries. Who is behind the games in Squid Game? Who is the man in black, Squid Game’s mysterious Front Man? What’s up with the old man, Player 001? Why was the Game created in the first place?

    The mysteries in the series will keep you thinking. While watching the nerve-wracking games, you’ll also find yourself thinking about the show’s biggest mysteries. Your head will be filled with a lot of questions, and you’re gonna want some answers.

  6. The Production Design

    The production design in Squid Game is applaudable. The playground, staircases, VIP area, and other designs in the games such as the Marble Village alleyway are very impressive.

    They are visually appealing, but don’t be fooled, because later on, these places will be filled with lots of blood. Additionally, even the costumes in the show catch attention.

    All of these, along with the story, were well-received by viewers. The popularity of the show has even reached the point where Squid Game-inspired costumes were selling fast, its characters have become Funko Pop figures, and Squid Game backgrounds were being used for video meetings.

  7. The Message

    While Squid Game appears to have a simple plot, the series sends a deep message. It shows the harsh realities of life and the dark side of human nature. How far are humans willing to go to win a large cash prize?

    Additionally, Squid Game addresses issues regarding capitalism. It tackles economic inequality, among other relevant issues today. The show will definitely give you much to think about.

  8. The Cameo

    This is a bonus for fans of Korean dramas. Goblin’s Gong Yoo appears in a minor but important role in Netflix’s hit series. Gong Yoo’s character is a salesman who recruits players for the Game, and he’ll be back recruiting players in Squid Game Season 2.

    So, go watch Netflix’s Squid Game! And when you’re done, worry not because Season 2 is coming! Check here for all the latest news on K-Dramas.

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