Spy x Family Taps Masaaki Yuasa for Season 2 Opening Credits

Spy x Family Masaaki Yuasa Anya

Spy x Family Masaaki Yuasa Anya

The hype for Spy x Family’s return is reaching a fever pitch. To make the wait a bit more bearable, the Spy x Family anime released its Season 2 opening credits online, and it is directed by notable anime director Masaaki Yuasa.

Typically, anime opening credits are shared right after the series premieres. Spy x Family is doing it a bit differently as it’s treating the opening like a promotional trailer.

It seems to have worked as a lot of fans got excited by the opening as it features unique animation by Masaaki Yuasa.

Anime Director Masaaki Yuasa Tapped to Animate Spy x Family Season 2 Credits

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There are lots of notable anime directors that are active now, and one of them is Masaaki Yuasa. He is best known for directing titles like Devilman Crybaby, Inu-Oh, and The Tatami Galaxy.

Yuasa is known for his avant-garde style and for his tendency to adapt niche stories. He isn’t a stranger to big franchises though. After all, Yuasa has been tapped before to direct an episode for Adventure Time.

Now, Yuasa is back at the helm of another popular franchise, and this time it’s for the new Spy x Family Season 2 opening credits. You can watch it here:

Spy x Family’s previous openings are already quite creative, especially the first cour’s OP. This one takes things even further as it features Yuasa’s signature bouncy animation style and eye-popping colors.

What also made a splash with the opening credits is the song Kurakura by Ado. This is Ado’s first anime opening after gaining popularity among anime fans for her work in One Piece Film: Red.

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Spy x Family Fans React to Yuasa’s Unique OP Animation

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Spy x Family is already one of the most popular anime today, so it’s not a surprise that this opening credits release got a lot of attention from fans.

Many series fans praised the opening for its inventive animation which perfectly suits the series’ fun vibe. Others also shared how much they like Ado’s new song for the anime.

Of course, there are some fans on X and Reddit who think the animation style is a bit too weird. For the most part, though, fans are happy with this new opening.

You’ll be able to see this opening weekly when Spy x Family Season 2 premieres this weekend.

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