Secret Invasion: New Report Exposes the Show's Troubled Production

Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion has become one of the most divisive MCU shows to date due to its polarizing creative direction whether it's turning one of the beloved long-time characters into a Skrull or overpowering a new character in the final episode.

One thing that has become apparent to fans is that the show didn't have a precise direction due to its mismatch of tone and storytelling decisions which disappointed them since it was supposedly an event series with some of the beloved MCU A-listers and newcomers.

We've been hearing for some time now about the behind-the-scenes issues that Marvel Studios has faced in some of its projects which probably explain the mediocre results of some of their recent outputs.

Now, a new report has revealed the problems that the production of Secret Invasion faced behind the scenes, which perhaps explains its final outcome.

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Secret Invasion Underwent Creative Changes During Production

Secret Invasion
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter revealing the massive creative reboot that Daredevil: Born Again is undergoing, they also reported that the recent MCU series Secret Invasion experienced a troubled production.

Mr. Robot vet Kyle Bradstreet was originally tapped as the head writer of the series. However, after working on the scripts for a year, he was fired by Marvel Studios and replaced by Brian Tucker.

During the project's pre-production in London, the series experienced more issues as "factions became entrenched and leaders vied for supremacy." An insider described it as "weeks of people not getting along, and it erupted."

Marvel Studios tapped senior executive Jonathan Schwartz to get the series back on track since it was falling behind schedule and on the verge of losing some of its actors who were attached to other projects.

Eventually, new line producers, unit production managers, and assistant directors were hired for the series. Thomas Bezucha, who was supposedly going to direct three episodes, left the project due to scheduling conflicts and Ali Selim took over the directing duty for all episodes.

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Chris Gary, one of the Marvel Studios executives, was assigned to oversee the project. He is expected to leave the studio when his contract ends at the end of the year.

As a result of the many issues that the MCU TV productions have experienced, Marvel Studios is changing its strategy moving forward and they will have their head writers get more involved in producing their shows after realizing that the approach that they're doing with the films will not work on TV projects.

This probably explains why Secret Invasion didn't work out as much as we hoped it would since Marvel Studios had difficulty cracking out its creative direction with the lack of supervision from the writers who worked on the scripts.

Hopefully, this won't happen again in any of the upcoming MCU shows that are going to be in the works and Marvel Studios will finally figure out the right strategy for their TV productions and make better quality shows moving forward.

Secret Invasion is available to stream on Disney+.

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