Secret Invasion: Nick Fury's Wife Explained

Nick Fury holding his wedding ring in front of his wife
Credit: Marvel Studios

Nick Fury holding his wedding ring in front of his wife
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Secret Invasion has given us a shocking death in the first episode, mysteries that have yet to be solved, and other things we did not see coming. Among the revelations in Secret Invasion is the fact that Nick Fury is married, and his wife is a Skrull.

It’s emphasized in the series that not everyone can be trusted because some of the people you trust may actually turn out to be Skrulls. But Episode 2 of Secret Invasion reveals that Nick Fury's wife is a Skrull.

There are many questions surrounding this fact. Does Nick Fury know that he’s married to Skrull? How long has Nick Fury been married anyway?

And who is Nick Fury’s wife in Secret Invasion? Here’s what we know.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion. Read at your own risk!

Who Is Nick Fury’s Wife?

Nick Fury's wife in their kitchen
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Nick Fury’s wife is Priscilla Fury (played by Charlayne Woodard), who's also the Skrull Varra.

The start of Episode 2 shows a flashback scene in 1997, and a Skrull named Varra introduces young Gravik to Fury. In Episode 3, it's revealed that this Skrull is Priscilla, Fury's wife.

The fact that Nick Fury is married has been teased in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In a conversation with Steve Rogers/Captain America, Fury tells the latter that his wife kicked him out.

Steve responds, “Didn’t know you were married,” and Fury says, "A lot of things you don't know about me." In Fury’s line of work, it does make sense for him to keep his wife’s whereabouts a secret.

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Does Nick Fury Know His Wife Is a Skrull?

Nick Fury's wife in a Skrull form
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Another question is if Nick Fury knows that his wife is a Skrull. Towards the end of Episode 2 of Secret Invasion, we see Priscilla chopping vegetables in her Skrull form. Later on, Nick Fury enters the house, and Priscilla appears in her human form.

It is worth noting that if Fury does know that Priscilla is a Skrull, the latter wouldn’t have to change to a human appearance as soon as she heard Fury entering the house.

Additionally, Fury’s conversation with Talos points to the fact that he isn’t aware that his wife is a Skrull.

When Talos reveals that a million Skrulls fled to Earth after getting overpowered by the Kree, Fury angrily responds, “You’re telling me there’s a million Skrulls walking amongst us right now? Have you lost your reptilian ass mind?"

Talos tells Fury that Skrulls and humans can coexist on Earth, but Fury doesn’t seem to agree. He responds, “There is not enough room or tolerance on this planet for another species!”

Fury’s opinion about the Skrulls shows that he’s not aware that his own wife is one of them. Fury does tell Rhodey, after all, that they're being invaded, but they can't even tell who the invaders are.

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Priscilla smiling at Fury
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Credit: Marvel Studios

So, it makes sense for Fury not to know that his wife is actually a Skrull. However, Episode 3 of Secret Invasion confirms that Nick Fury knows that his wife is a Skrull.

In 1998, Fury meets Priscilla. Fury realizes that she's the Skrull Varra, and she gives him some information on Dreykov. They have a flirty dialogue where they talk about Varra's "new face."

Fury asks, "Who is she?" and Priscilla responds, "Well, that depends on where this goes." Fury cites the rule about "commander of station and operatives" not being allowed to be together.

However, Priscilla emphasizes that their unit does not exist, which means she doesn't work for him. Fury then responds, "Well, that's an intriguing possibility."

So, Nick Fury has been married to a Skrull all along, which could be the reason why the mission to him is personal, apart from the fact that he did promise to find the Skrulls a new home.

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Is Nick Fury's Wife Working With Gravik?

Priscilla holding her phone
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In the present day, Nick Fury and his wife are loving towards each other in the kitchen. However, Priscilla appears to harbor some bitter feelings about Nick Fury being gone for years.

Priscilla emphasizes that staying away leaves a mark. Fury asks if she's been in touch with Gravik because he needs to be sure about who she's become while he was gone.

Priscilla responds that she became a widow in his absence and that she wept on his pillow every night during the Blip.

She thought that they would go back to the way they were when Fury came back, but instead, Fury just vanished.

Priscilla emphasizes that the second time Fury was gone, it was voluntary. At the end of Episode 3, Priscilla leaves their home and travels.

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She unlocks a safe deposit box that had a gun inside. Priscilla receives a call, and a voice says, "St. James Church, one hour."

Priscilla then responds that she needs to speak to Gravik. So, is Priscilla working with Gravik?

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Priscilla holding a gun
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Credit: Marvel Studios

It can be recalled that it was Varra/Priscilla who introduced young Gravik to Fury. She even vouched for him, saying that he is smart and knows how to survive.

She says that they could use someone like him, but Fury disagrees, saying that he's a child. Varra says that he's a child only to human eyes, and she then encourages Fury to talk to Gravik.

It's clear that Priscilla loves Fury, but she's also close to Gravik. Gravik lost his parents when he was young, and it was likely Varra who looked after him.

In Episode 4, Fury confronts Priscilla and tells her that he knows she plans to kill him "with that pistol of yours." They both put their guns on the table, and Varra tells Fury how she became Priscilla.

Later on, they both draw their guns and fire, but they don't shoot each other. Fury then says that he's not sure whether they should get divorced or renew their vows.

In Episode 5, Pagon tells Gravik that he ordered Fury's death even though he knew Varra would never do it.

After killing Pagon, Gravik emphasizes that "the only reason why Fury was on that motorway was because his traitor wife defied my direct order."

Gravik then orders Varra's death, but when his men arrive at Varra's house, Varra and G'iah manage to take them down.

So, Varra was working with Gravik, but she decided not to kill Fury, which led to Gravik calling her a "traitor."

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