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Pokemon Horizons Anime Gets Netflix Release Date in the US

Pokemon Horizons Release US Liko

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The new Pokemon anime’s official English release is finally on the horizon. That’s because Pokemon Horizons: The Series finally has an official Netflix release date in the US.

Horizons’ official release was revealed alongside a new English-dubbed trailer which features early footage from the series. More details were also shared on the official Pokemon website.

This anime’s release is great news for Pokemon fans in the US, especially given that it has taken a while to get a premiere date outside of Japan.

The Latest Pokemon Anime Is Finally Getting an Official US Release

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Pokemon Horizons: The Series is the latest anime in the long-running franchise, and it’s arguably the most exciting entry yet.

Aside from being set in the Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it’s also the first-ever mainline anime entry that doesn’t feature Ash Ketchum. After all, Ash finally achieved his goal by winning the World Championship.

What’s more, the anime is also unique for its more serialized story. Previous Pokemon anime had overarching storylines, but they are mostly episodic in nature as most episodes tell a standalone story.

This new Pokemon anime aired in Japan on TV Tokyo beginning in April 2023. Since then, the series has gotten 30 episodes.

Sadly, fans outside of Japan have no legal way of watching the series. This is because, unlike most seasonal anime, Pokemon shows don’t get a simulcast release internationally.

Instead, the previous anime titles in the franchise are released in the US with only an English dub as an option. This is also the case with Horizons as the show will get a dub release early in 2024.

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Pokemon Horizons Gets February 2024 US Netflix Release

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It was previously confirmed that Horizons will be streamed on Netflix in the US in 2024. This is no surprise given that the other Pokemon anime before this were also streamed on Netflix.

The show’s release date has finally been announced in a new trailer, and it is set to premiere in February of next year.

Horizons’ English voice cast can also be heard in the new trailer. You can watch it here:

The cast members include Alejandra Reynoso (Sypha Belnades in Castlevania) as Liko, Anjali Kunapaneni (Kiruko in Heavenly Delusion) as Roy, and Crispin Freeman (Itachi Uchiha in Naruto) as Friede.

Pokemon Horizons: The Series will be released in the US on Netflix on February 23, 2024.

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