Pixar's Onward is Now Available for Streaming on Disney+

Thanks to COVID-19, not only are people forced to stay at home so they don't get infected but entertainment companies have had to change up their home release plans so that people won't be bored to death at home. Disney, for all the crap they get and do, has been really good to us during this time, releasing movies like Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker early so we don't kill each other. As if there wasn't enough entertainment, Pixar's Onward can now be watched on the Disney+ streaming service.

Considering how Onward suffered in the box office due to COVID-19, this is a surprisingly smart way to make some of that money back. Granted, this is on Disney+ but the movie itself could already be bought digitally two weeks after it premiered on theaters. That wasn't due to the box office but because people just can't risk going out right now.

Set in an interesting suburban/fantasy world, Onward stars Marvel mainstays Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as Ian and Barley Lightfoot respectively. The Lightfoot brothers set on a journey after their father leaves Ian a mysterious message, with the two hoping to find some magic left in the world.

If you didn't purchase the movie digitally, you can now watch Onward on Disney+, which saves you a lot of money. It's a shame that COVID-19 basically ensured that this movie (and any other film) would get a bad box office number but that can't be helped. Let's hope this COVID-19 thing is over and done with soon.

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