One Piece Star Mackenyu Pushes For Hunter x Hunter Live-Action Adaptation

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

We already know that Mackenyu is one actor who has portrayed several anime characters in his career but which manga does he personally believe should get its own live-action adaptation? Not surprisingly, the One Piece star would like to see a live-action Hunter x Hunter series.

Mackenyu Pitches Live-Action Hunter x Hunter Adaptation

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Mackenyu and the rest of the One Piece live-action cast recently sat for an interview with Collider where he was asked what anime he thinks should get a live-action adaptation. Interestingly, the Knights of the Zodiac star chose a popular ongoing manga that recently got a major boost in popularity.

"You know what, it's not something I would like to do, but one of my favorite anime is Hunter × Hunter, which I love. So, shoutout to Hunter × Hunter!" Mackenyu said.

It's certainly a great idea but that's how far he wants to be involved in the potential project. When asked which character he would play, Mackenyu said, "I will not play anyone!"

It's understandable why Mackenyu wouldn't want to be tied to the project and would choose to simply watch the adaptation as a fan. Needless to say, it would be great to see Hunter x Hunter in live-action.

Although it is still unclear if Hunter x Hunter will get a live-action adaptation, there's another Yoshihiro Togashi manga that already has a Netflix series in production.

It has already been confirmed that the YuYu Hakusho live-action adaptation will star Takumi Kitamura as Yusuke Urameshi, Shuhei Uesugi as Kazuma Kuwabara, Jun Shison as Kurama and Kanata Hongo as Hiei.

The One Piece live-action series will premiere on Netflix on August 31, 2023. Meanwhile, Yu Yu Hakusho has not yet been given an official release date.

However, it is already expected to premiere on the streaming service in December 2023. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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