One Piece Red Will Explore Luffy and Shanks' Relationship, Shares Editor

one piece red luffy shanks

one piece red luffy shanks

Ahead of the film’s release, a series of interviews with key One Piece staff and cast members will be released on Comic Natalie. The first interview was released recently, and it revealed that One Piece Film: Red will explore Luffy and Shanks’ relationship.

The Comic Natalie interview that was released was with Takeshi Takano, the editor of the original manga. In the interview, he shared some interesting insight into the upcoming movie, without going into spoiler territory.

one piece shanks
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While fans are looking forward to Uta and Luffy, there’s also a lot of hype around Shanks and Luffy, with some speculation by fans that the movie will feature a reunion between the two. This is because Shanks makes an appearance in the film’s trailer.

When asked about Shanks and Luffy, Takano mentioned that he looks forward to how Shanks and Luffy’s relationship will be presented in the film.

Takano did not mention if there will be a reunion between the two, but he did say that “Luffy and Shanks” is the core idea of the movie as it is made to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary.

Even if there won’t be a reunion, the fact that Uta is Shanks’ daughter likely means we’ll get more insight into Luffy and Shanks’ relationship.

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According to recent reports, Uta will be the first canon character from a One Piece movie in 13 years.

And while that is not confirmed yet, what we do know is that Uta is the most popular singer in the world of One Piece, and her singing voice is provided by Ado, a popular Japanese singer.

In Takano’s interview, he mentioned that there was originally supposed to be an audition, but the team soon decided that Ado’s voice is a perfect fit for Uta as they wanted a singer with an instantly memorable voice.

When Ado came on board, series creator Eiichiro Oda was delighted, says Takano. Oda even joked about Ado being his daughter as Ado is Oda backwards.

One Piece Film: Red is the fifteenth movie in the long-running series, and it will release in Japanese cinemas on August 6, 2022. Though before its wide release, it premiered in Tokyo during One Piece Day on July 22.

The movie will release in theaters outside Japan in Fall 2022. This release window is confirmed in select countries/territories, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and more.

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