One Piece Celebrates Original Artists' Return With OP and ED Videos

One Piece Original Artists Luffy

One Piece Original Artists Luffy

After being in the Wano Country Arc for years, the One Piece anime is finally on a new story arc. Recently, the One Piece anime began the Egghead Arc, and with it came the return of the show’s original OP and ED artists.

Given that the new arc has finally premiered, the complete opening and ending videos have also been released online for fans to enjoy. Interestingly, they are not creditless videos like most OP and ED uploads.

One Piece’s Egghead Arc Brings Back Iconic Anime Artists

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One Piece's Egghead Arc began in mid-2022 in the manga, and it has since brought a lot of exciting developments for the series.

It may not have gotten fights that were as big as the Wano Country Arc so far, but there have been numerous big reveals that are building up toward the series’ epic conclusion.

Given how big the new arc is in the manga, it’s no surprise that the anime is hyping it up. Ahead of its premiere, it was revealed that the anime’s new arc will feature new opening and ending themes by the original artists.

You can check out the official videos here:

Hiroshi Kitadani is the singer of We Are!, which was the first (and arguably the most popular) One Piece song. For this new arc, Kitadani is back with the new track titled A~su!, and it’s accompanied by a creative video.

Also back is Maki Otsuki, the singer of the anime’s first-ever ending theme. In the new arc, Otsuki sings the new ED Dear Sunrise, which comes with a video showing some of the Straw Hat Crew’s most memorable moments.

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Hiroshi Kitadani Performs ‘We Are!’ at The First Take

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If that’s not enough, fans are also in for a treat as Hiroshi Kitadani is the next guest on the popular Japanese YouTube music channel, The First Take.

This channel is known for its one-take performance videos by popular Japanese artists, as well as some select international singers.

The First Take’s latest video is a performance of We Are! by Kitadani, which was uploaded today. You can check it out here:

Typically, guests on the channel perform two songs, which are released within a week or so. Thus, it’s likely that Kitadani will perform another song, possibly the new One Piece Egghead Arc opening.

New episodes of the Egghead Arc will be released every week on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll in the US.

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