Netflix's Resident Evil Series Gets a Shooting Date

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Fans were pretty relieved when it was announced that Netflix was working on a brand-new Resident Evil television series. The reports claim that this will be more faithful to the video game's horror roots, which is pretty great since those Resident Evil movies strayed far away from them, choosing to go full action. It looks like we'll still have to wait a while before the series comes out since shooting doesn't start until June.

Revealed by Redanian Intelligence, a production list revealed that shooting will soon start in South Africa this June and end by October, assuming no big mishaps happen on set. That's a pretty solid shooting schedule and will likely mean that this series is gearing up for a 2021 release. We're assuming that some digital effects will be done to make the zombies look scarier.


Various rumors have surrounded the series, though it looks like this won't be connected to the abysmal movies (though they did make a ton of money). While it's easy to make fun of those Resident Evil movies and how far they strayed away from the video games, they did help Capcom ensure another film franchise in Monster Hunter, with Mila Jokovich still playing the lead for some reason.

There's still no release date for this Resident Evil series. In the meantime, fans have the Resident Evil 3 Remake, which will be coming out this April.

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