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Minecraft Movie - Peacemaker Star Danielle Brooks in Key Role

Danielle Brooks in Peacemaker
Credit: Max

After several years of development, the highly-anticipated film adaptation of the hit video game Minecraft is finally moving forward to production soon. It was originally set to begin last summer, but it was postponed due to the actors' strike.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa is starring and co-producing the film. Renowned comedy director Jared Hess is helming the project. The plot details are currently being kept under wraps.

Now, as the film is ramping up its production again following the delay, another actor has been recruited to join the ensemble.

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Minecraft Movie Casts Danielle Brooks and Sebastian Eugene Hansen

Danielle Brooks in Peacemaker
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Credit: Max

Deadline has confirmed that Peacemaker and Orange is the New Black star Danielle Brooks is joining the cast of the Minecraft movie in a key supporting role.

The Emmy-nominated actress is set to play the role of Dawn. In addition, Lisey's Story actor Sebastian Eugene Hansen has also been cast to play Henry.

Aside from their vague names, the exact details regarding the roles that they are playing are currently under wraps.

Brooks' casting comes as she is getting major Oscar buzz for her supporting performance in the upcoming musical film The Color Purple. She will also likely return in the DCU reboot to continue playing Leota Adebayo from Peacemaker.

It will serve as a semi-reunion between Brooks and Momoa since the two briefly shared a scene together in the first season finale of Peacemaker although the latter's cameo was shot separately from the main cast.

The report also claimed that production is slated to begin shortly in New Zealand. Several actors who were previously attached to the film have left the project due to the strike-related scheduling conflict.

Despite the lack of details on the role that she will play, it is still exciting to learn that Brooks has joined the cast since she is a talented actress and it will be her first foray into a franchise movie on the big screen.

Now, fans can look forward to hearing more names that will be recruited to the cast in the coming days or weeks and it's interesting to see who'll join Momoa and Brooks in action.

Minecraft is slated for release in theaters on April 4, 2025.

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