Who Is on the 2023 Mega64 Christmas Cast on Twitch?

mega64 christmas cast
Credit: NakeyJakey YouTube Channel

mega64 christmas cast
Credit: NakeyJakey YouTube Channel

'Tis the season to spread the holiday cheer and celebrate the Christmas spirit, but the Mega64 Christmas Cast does things differently, apparently. What makes Mega64 stand out is their yearly Christmas content which sees which one of them gets to vomit most during their podcast. Now the question is, amidst their past controversies, who is on the Mega64 Christmas Cast on Twitch this 2023?

Who Is on the Mega64 ChristmasCast This 2023?

Four men make up the core group of Mega64, namely: Rocco Botte, Derrick Acosta, Shawn Chatfield, and Garrett Hunter, with additional members Meg Turner, Johnny Weiss, Kevin Bushong, Frank Howley, and Bryan Abou Chacra.

Mega64's Christmas Cast is known for its grotesque content, eating the 'grossest' food they could think of, some of which include eating the entire jar of mayonnaise, gallons of milk, and even a whole birthday cake all by themselves.

On this year's Mega64 Christmas Cast, the group decided to switch things up by including a special guest, @nakeyjakey, who is popularly known for his YouTube content videos with over 1.9 million subscribers.

Jacob Matthew Christensen, otherwise known as NakeyJakey, commonly produces videos on YouTube discussing his love for video games (and hilarious criticisms on some) while sitting on a gray exercise ball in front of a green screen.

It would be interesting to see just how the dynamic would work between him and the Mega64 crew, especially since the group had recently collaborated with the guy in the making of a Dragon Ball Z live-action video, The Saiyan Saga in 5 Minutes.

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A Brief History of Mega64's Christmas Cast Journey

Whether it's eating disgusting or an excessive amount of food, ones that are most particularly likely to induce vomiting, Mega64 keeps up the holiday spirit through its eating challenge-led games.

Streaming since 2006, Mega64's Christmas Cast began in Rocco's backyard as they told the story in their 'Official Documentary' video.

It was all about having fun with friends and seeing the limits to which they could ingest year-expired milk.

However, one year took it all too far which led to their near-ba on Twitch.

Mega64 Christmas Cast Was Banned on Twitch in 2019

While the streaming gang has been known for its annual Christmas Cast vomiting marathon, Twitch banned the account back in 2019 after the stream went 'too far.'

Even though the group has eaten (and vomited) in much worse ways in the previous years, somehow Twitch's Terms of Service declared in 2019 that the channel's excessive 'pain-induced' content didn't go by the platform's rules.

Still, it was thanks to fans and Mega64 themselves that the ban was lifted, and eventually, their annual celebration continued up to this day.

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