Laid-Back Camp Season 3 English Dub Out Now, Cast Revealed

laid back camp season 3 english dub ayano toki
Credit: 8bit

laid back camp season 3 english dub ayano toki
Credit: 8bit

Fans waiting for the dub can finally watch the show, as the Laid-Back Camp season 3 English dub is out now on Crunchyroll, with its cast also being revealed.

The show’s latest season may be animated by a new studio, but fans will be happy to know that its Japanese and English cast are back to deliver more chill slice-of-life adventures.

Laid-Back Camp Is Back with More Relaxing Goodness

Laid-Back Camp is a slice-of-life anime following a group of girls who get into camping. The series has gotten a dedicated fanbase since its premiere thanks to its relaxing vibe.

The first two seasons of the anime along with the recent anime film were produced by C-Station, the studio behind shows such as Starmyu and
Opus Colors.

Meanwhile, the anime’s third season is produced by Eight Bit, the studio best known for animating titles such as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, SHY, and Blue Lock.

Despite the show having some new staff members, the main cast is back in both language versions of the new season.

Meet the Laid-Back Camp Season 3 English Dub Cast

laid back camp season 3 english dub nadeshiko
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Credit: 8bit

For season 3, the previous seasons’ VAs are back, including Yumiri Hanamori (Ai Hayasaka in Kaguya-sama: Love is War) and Nao Toyama (Yui Yuigahama in OreGairu).

Meanwhile, the show’s English dub cast also features returning cast members from the previous seasons, including:

  • Celeste Perez (Abelia Hopleys in Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy) as Rin Shima
  • Morgan Lauré (Kiera Haynes in The Witch and the Beast) as Nadeshiko Kagamihara
  • Katelyn Barr (Mina Ashiro in Kaiju No. 8) as Chiaki Oogaki
  • Hannah Alyea (Saint Cecilia in Saint Cecilia & Pastor Lawrence) as Aoi Inuyama
  • Molly Zhang (Emul in Shangri-La Frontier) as Ena Saitou
  • Katie Wetch (Kaoru Nagase in I Shall Survive Using Potions!) as Ayano Toki
  • Larry Cassady as Haijime Shinshirou/Narrator
  • Leah Clark (Kobachi Osaragi in Kaguya-sama: Love is War) as Minami Toba
  • Jalitza Delgado (Remi Ayasaki in Horimiya: The Missing Pieces) as Hana
  • Marianne Bray (Mia Christoph in TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness) as Hana's Mom

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Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Now Available on Crunchyroll with English Dub

laid back camp season 3 english dub rin shima
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Credit: 8bit

While the show’s Japanese version premiered on April 4, the English dub is only two episodes behind, as episode 1 got an English dub yesterday, April 18.

The first episode is out now on Crunchyroll, with the upcoming dub episodes to be released in the coming weeks.

Have you already started watching Laid-Back Camp season 3? Let us know what you think about the show so far in the comments.

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