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Why Does Jon Anthony From Disney's The Naughty Nine Look So Familiar?

Jon Anthony The Naughty Nine
Credit: Disney

The Naughty Nine have wreaked havoc on Disney Plus, just in time for the holidays. The naughty listers are out to get their Christmas presents in Santa's magical lair. But of all The Naughty Nine kids, why does Jon Anthony look so familiar in the Christmas heist film? Here's where you may know him.

Meet the Grand Designer of The Naughty Nine

The Naughty Nine is comprised of nine kids who made it on Santa's naughty list, waking on Christmas day to find no presents under their name.

Led by Andy (Winslow Fegley), the fifth grader gathers his fellow naughty listers on a heist mission to save their Christmas from getting ruined.

One of the characters that stood out was Deric McCabe's Jon Anthony. Popularly known in their community for making his own clothes, he calls himself the 'grand designer' of the group.

As part of the N9, his talents were put to use by sewing the perfect disguise for him and his naughty listers. Jon redesigned the clothes of Santa's elves so that their team could sneak into the North Pole.

The official synopsis for The Naughty Nine reads:

Mischievous fifth grader Andy finds himself without a visit or presents from Santa on Christmas morning. Realizing he must have landed on the "naughty list" and feeling unfairly maligned, Andy pulls together a team of eight other "naughty listers" to help him execute an elaborate heist at the North Pole to get the presents they feel they deserve. Along the way, the group comes to realize that the very best way off the naughty list is to redirect their unique talents for good -- instead of mischief.

While the reason behind why he was even on the Naughty List wasn't disclosed, he admitted once that all of his clothes weren't his original designs. This makes the elves disguise for the N9 as his first self-made designs.

Despite McCabe's breakout performance as Jon Anthony in The Naughty Nine, you may be surprised to find that this is NOT the actor's first time starring in a major Disney role.

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Not The Naughty Nine Star's First Disney Role

Fans of Disney's 2018 A Wrinkle in Time would easily recognize Deric McCabe who played Charles Wallace Murry in the film. That's right, otherwise known as the youngest child of the Murry family, aka the younger brother of Meg Murry (Storm Reid).

While he played a key role in the books, such as saving the world from nuclear war, what makes Charles Wallace's character memorable is because of the fact he is far more intelligent and mature compared to his peers.

It's safe to say that we'll see more of McCabe in the coming years.

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