How Old Is Jessi Lawless? Age and Career of Jenna Jameson's Ex

jessi lawless age
Credit: Original photo taken from Jessi Lawless' official Instagram account via Screenshot

jessi lawless age
Credit: Original photo taken from Jessi Lawless' official Instagram account via Screenshot

Jessi Lawless recently made a shocking announcement to fans: she and her wife, American businesswoman Jenna Jameson, are getting an annulment. Learn more about Jessi Lawless' age and career in this article.

Who is Jessi Lawless? Age and Career Explored

Jessi Lawless, 40, recently announced that she and her wife of 11 months, Jenna Jameson are getting an annulment, but before we get into that, here's who the adult star Jenna is married to.

Jessi is an entrepreneur and social media personality who frequently interviews prominent stars to share tips and advice about life on her ongoing celebrity podcast, Born Lawless.

Jessi Lawless and former adult film star Jenna Jameson started dating in January 2023, after the former's relationship ended.

On May 23 of the same year, the two got married in an intimate Las Vegas wedding ceremony, exchanging their vows at Little Church of the West in Nevada.

However, despite their seemingly perfect marriage, Lawless declared that they plan on ending it anytime soon.

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What Happened to Jessi Lawless and Jenna Jameson's Marriage?

According to Jessi's deleted video, Jenna Jameson's less than a year of marriage with her is coming to a close soon. The news came from Lawless herself when she shared it on social media on April 16, 2024.

With the caption, "It's done", Lawless laid out the confirmation concerning the rumors of their upcoming divorce.

She emphasized the many problems their marriage and kids encountered due to Jenna's drinking problem, and that she "would not tolerate [her drinking] under any circumstances."

As it so happens, Jenna recently went to Chicago for her first in-person event since their marriage. The main problem here, as Lawless claimed, is that Jenna denied her suspicions that she may have been drinking again.

Jenna, a mother of three who has been married twice before, allegedly told Jessi, "I'm not sorry. I don't feel sorry."

Although Jessi has yet to respond to the deleted video, Jenna Jameson explained her side by saying, "Research has shown that empathy and understanding are better responses to addiction than judgment, shaming, and moralizing."

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