Why Are All Amazon Delivery Bosses Now Called Wayne? Meaning Explained

wayne amazon delivery meaning
Credit: Original photo taken from official Amazon Jobs website via screenshot

wayne amazon delivery meaning
Credit: Original photo taken from official Amazon Jobs website via screenshot

Amazon delivery drivers in the US have somewhat created a new figure emerging from the shadows of their humor: a mystery man called Wayne. In this explainer article, we'll find out the meaning behind why all Amazon delivery trucks are suddenly called Wayne.

Amazon Delivery Drivers and the Mystery Man

Amazon delivery workers all somehow have the same boss names now, how come?

The news came about 17 days ago via Reddit, where an anonymous Amazon delivery driver harshly criticized their real-life dispatch boss named Wayne in a screenshot that was passed along on the platform.

As per an outlet, the original post was removed. However, the Amazon delivery driver subreddit saw the original owner of the screenshot venting about their overbearing boss.

"Wayne, you are a piece of sh*t," the post read, "Telling us not to get infractions. This guy thinks he's hot sh*t at dispatch. But as soon as he gets out on the road he gets 2 infractions. Yells at us for getting infractions, then gets infractions himself."

So, here's how the little "Wayne" meme began on the platform.

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The Meaning Behind Why Amazon Delivery Bosses are Named Wayne

Because of the original post, the idea of using "Wayne" spread across Amazon drivers' subreddits.

In this sense, "Wayne" became a recurring meme that many overworked Amazon delivery drivers began associating with their unfair workload.

Another unfair dispatcher name, "Jimmie", happened to be at the same level as Wayne, although not quite as utilized as the initial codename.

It is also through this "meme" that plenty of drivers could share their terrible experiences working for the company under the pseudonym.

Take note that one of these Amazon drivers was once tasked to make 185 stops while carrying 372 packages — all of which are required with a specific quota of delivering an average of 41 packages per hour during their nine-hour shift.

Although Amazon spokesperson Branden Baribeau already responded by encouraging their drivers to take their breaks, the identity of Wayne mentioned in the post that started it all has remained anonymous.

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