Who is James Perry Who Plays Detective in Villains Inc.? Meet the Studio C Veteran

james perry villains inc
Credit: Team Squad Media

james perry villains inc
Credit: Team Squad Media

Someone's gotta stop the three evil henchpeople, Beatrix, Harold, and Cain from getting their work done, and that's thanks to none other than the Detective. Meet James Perry, who plays the role in Villains Inc.

Meet James Perry, the Studio C Veteran

james perry villains inc
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Credit: Team Squad Media

James Perry is best known for his work as an actor, writer, and director on the sketch comedy show Studio C. Upon joining the sketch comedy group Divine Comedy, he was studying Mechanical Engineering at BYU.

He's been on Studio C since 2012 and played various roles on the show, such as being a Matchmaking Janitor or even an insufferable waiter.

As a matter of fact, one of the main things fans viewers would have to keep watch on Villains Inc. is its cast members, which the majority also started as part of the crew on Studio C, including the film's director, Jeremy Warner.

Outside Studio C, however, Perry has been on the Freelancers TV series (2019-2021) for 2 episodes as Mr. Butts and Shipyarder as well as in the 2023 flick, Go West, playing Angus, Julian, and more!

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Who is Detective in the Villains Inc. Flick?

Villains Inc. stars a trio of evil henchpeople: Beatrix (Mallory Everton), Harold (Colin Mochrie), and Cain (Jason Gray) who have been left living in an abandoned grocery store after their villainous boss met his demise.

Unsatisfied with the way they're living, Beatrix takes it upon herself to pull them out of the gutter by taking over the world... despite being powerless.

While James Perry's character hasn't shown up in the official theatrical trailer of the flick, he'll likely be holding investigations so he could catch the criminals red-handed. In this case, Beatrix and her two comrades.

The Jeremy Warner-helmed film is an award-winning sci-fi comedy feature film and is out in theaters now.

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