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It: Chapter 2 Star Bill Skarsgard Teases Pennywise's Return In New Stephen King Prequel

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If you've seen It: Chapter Two, you're probably hoping that you've seen the last of Pennywise. However, Bill Skarsgard may have just confirmed that Stephen King has every intention to bring back the Dancing Clown to continue terrorizing his fans.

Skarsgard recently joined Villains co-star Maika Monroe in an interview with Collider where the Hemlock Grove actor was asked about possibly returning as Pennywise in a sequel. Interestingly, Skarsgard teased that King himself had confirmed that he is already planning a prequel that will explore the monstrous clown's origins.

"I met Stephen King, for the first time, when I was doing Good Morning America and he was in the green room next to me. We chatted a little bit and he was like, 'Yeah, well, I have some ideas for a prequel,' which I have yet to have. I was like, 'Are you f--n' kidding me?!' That's the f--in' man, himself. That's the holy grail of ideas. So, we'll see what comes of it," Skarsgard said.

Of course, who else but King would come up with the idea of exploring Pennywise's backstory? Although we're not exactly eager to see the clown again anytime soon, it would be interesting to see how the alien spider creature ended up in Derry in the first place. However, there is also a possibility that the prequel will show how It slowly terrorized the former residents of the dreaded Well House.

It: Chapter Two is currently screening in theaters worldwide. Skarsgard's new movie Villains will premiere on September 20.

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