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Watch: Breakdown of Every Easter Egg and Deleted Scene in IT Chapter Two

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IT: Chapter Two came out last week, and it looks like another hit for WB. Just like with every film, the movie has a lot of deleted scenes and Easter Eggs, and Mr. Sunday Movies on Youtube has come up with a thorough breakdown giving us some insights into what scenes made the cut and what references we should’ve looked out for.

Though the film has toned down the cosmic element of the book, there are still some references that stayed in the movie. There’s a cosmic turtle in the book that’s said to be the mortal enemy of Pennywise, and though it didn’t appear in the film, we do get a turtle statue in one of the classrooms.

We also see Pennywise take the form of a giant bird in the flashback, and it was actually one of the forms he takes in the original novel. Instead of the entire town of Derry also being sucked in, the movie just makes it so the old dilapidated house is the thing that gets destroyed.

There was also a scene deleted from the first movie which had Pennywise scaring a woman in the 1600s into feeding him her baby. It was rumored that the scene was going to be put in this movie instead, but it didn’t make the cut. What are the odds that they’ll put it into an inevitable Pennywise origin movie instead?

If anything, I thought Chapter Two was just as good as the first one, and it had a lot of horror elements mixed well with some heartfelt scenes. The second part was always considered the more forgettable bit of the story, but I think director Andy Muschietti managed to nail it.

Catch IT: Chapter Two in theaters today.

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