Is Moldaver a Hero or Villain in Fallout? Prime Series Reveals Surprising Baddie  

is moldaver a good guy fallout series
Credit: Amazon Studios

is moldaver a good guy fallout series
Credit: Amazon Studios

Prime Video’s Fallout series is finally here, and among the show’s wide array of characters, Lee Moldaver is one of the most interesting. So, is Moldaver a hero or a villain in Fallout?

Well, the answer at the start of the series seems pretty clear, though as the show progresses, Moldaver’s goals become much more nuanced.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes major spoilers for Fallout, so proceed with caution.

Is Moldaver a Hero or a Villain in Fallout? Explained

is moldaver a good guy fallout series moldaver
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Credit: Amazon Studios

In the Fallout Prime Video show, Lee Moldaver is the leader of the gang of raiders that have overrun Vault 32 and subsequently raided Vault 33 and kidnapped its Overseer, Hank.

This starts the protagonist Lucy’s quest to go outside the Vault to rescue her father. Thus, Moldaver seems to be the show’s main villain at the start.

Of course, as fans of the Fallout games will know, the Vault Overseers are far from saints. The series soon reveals that Moldaver isn’t an evil gang leader.

Moldaver reveals that the Vault Overseers are Vault-tec employees from over two hundred years ago, with Vault-tec being the ones who caused the Global War.

Thus, Moldaver isn’t exactly the villain of the series as her goal is to restore power to the New California Republic for her people.

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What Happened to Moldaver at the End of Fallout Season 1?

During the show’s events, Cooper aka the Ghoul and Lucy begin looking for a cold fusion reactor, and their travels cause them to come together at the Observatory.

Soon though, the Brotherhood of Steel goes on the offensive against the New California Republic. During this attack, Moldaver dies. Because of this, fans won’t see her again in the next season.

Even if she died though, Moldaver revealed to Lucy that her father Hank detonated a nuclear bomb in Shady Sands, resulting in her mother becoming a ghoul.

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Who is the Real Villain of the Fallout Prime Series?

fallout series hank
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Credit: Amazon Studios

Yes, this means Hank is the real villain of the Fallout series. The finale events show Hank arriving in New Vegas, a place that fans of the games will definitely be familiar with.

Meanwhile, Lucy decided to team up with Cooper to track down her father, thus setting up the events of a potential second season.

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