Marvel's Ironheart Star Anthony Ramos Reveals Ryan Coogler's Involvement

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One of the many MCU Disney+ series that is currently in the works is Ironheart which will focus on Riri Williams, a genius inventor who creates the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man, played by Dominique Thorne. However, before she stars in her own series, she will be making her debut first in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Now, it looks like the director of the upcoming sequel will also be involved in the series according to one of its stars.

During an interview with Extra at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, Anthony Ramos, who recently joined Ironheart in a key role, was asked about his thoughts on joining the MCU to which he revealed that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is also involved in the series although he didn't specify his role.


"I’m so excited. I used to be in the gym like, ‘C’mon, Marvel, call... c’mon, Marvel, call. Let’s go!'," Ramos said regarding the "amazing project." Then, he praised the people who are involved in the series, "It’s incredible people, [head writer] Chinaka Hodge, Ryan Coogler and just, like, a dope squad... you know, Dominique Thorne... and I just feel blessed and grateful."

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Coogler's involvement in the series hasn't been mentioned before in any announcements or reports so this is the first time that word got out that the Black Panther director is also part of the team. He didn't specify though if he is involved as an executive producer or if he is going to direct some episodes. Given that Coogler signed a multi-year deal with Disney and Riri Williams is going to appear in Wakanda Forever, it makes sense that he will have some involvement in the series.

So far, the exact plot details of Ironheart are still under wraps just like any other MCU project. There have been rumors for some time now that The Hood might be appearing in the series although it remains to be seen if that will actually be the case. For now, all we can do is speculate, but Coogler's involvement definitely adds to the excitement as it is going to be an assurance that it will be in good hands.


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There is no release date set yet for Ironheart, but production will reportedly begin this year. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to be released in theaters on November 11.