Henry Cavill Pokes Fun at His Controversial Justice League Mustache

Hevill in Justice Leaguenry Cavill in Justice League
Credit: Warner Bros.

Hevill in Justice Leaguenry Cavill in Justice League
Credit: Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill recently joked about his controversial mustache when he played Superman in the 2017 theatrical version of Justice League.

During the reshoots under the direction of Joss Whedon, Cavill filmed his scenes as the Man of Steel with a mustache as he was also working on Mission: Impossible - Fallout during that time.

Through the use of CGI, the mustache was removed from Cavill's face in the film. However, fans found the final results to be laughable as the VFX work looked too obvious and it became the subject of ridicule ever since.

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Henry Cavill References His Justice League Mustache at CinemaCon

Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League
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Credit: Warner Bros.

As reported by ComicBookMovie.com, Cavill recently poked fun at his mustache in Justice League while discussing his role in the upcoming remake of Highlander at CinemaCon.

He referenced his mustache in the DCEU movie by calling it "a controversial mustache at one stage that nearly ruined my career."

While Cavill was just simply joking in his remarks, it is also worth noting that he stopped playing Superman after the 2017 film and he didn't reprise the role again until the post-credits scene of Black Adam in 2022.

Justice League was also course-corrected as Warner Bros. and HBO Max released a four-hour director's cut with Zack Snyder involved again and Cavill's scenes involving the CGI-removed mustache were not included.

Despite the maligned reception of Justice League, it did not necessarily affect Cavill's career in the aftermath since he eventually starred in the hit Netflix series The Witcher and played Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes.

Now, Cavill is no longer attached to playing Superman as the DC franchise has now taken a new direction and he is moving on to other projects such as the aforementioned Highlander remake and a TV series adaptation of Warhammer 40,000.

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