Superman Star David Corenswet Reveals Main Inspirations for DCU Movie

Credit: DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

Superman star David Corenswet recently teased the main inspiration for the highly-anticipated DCU reboot.

As production is currently underway for the DCU movie, fans have been looking forward to hearing what the new take on the Man of Steel will look like in the DCU incarnation under the direction of James Gunn.

Considering that the DCEU version was criticized for the darker and gritty take on the iconic hero, some are hoping that the DCU version will be a return to form for the character and will be portrayed as an optimistic and hopeful figure once again.

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David Corenswet Opens Up About the Inspiration for Superman DCU Reboot

All-Star Superman
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Credit: DC Comics

In a recent appearance during a screening of his new film The Greatest Hits, Corenswet opened up about the DCU reboot of Superman and teased what they have in store for the highly-anticipated movie.

According to journalist David Thompson, who was present at the event, the actor revealed that All-Star Superman and Superman for All Seasons are the inspirations for the DCU movie.

He also added that Gunn's story for the film will be "totally its own thing."

Corenswet also sang his praises for Gunn: "[James Gunn] the director, is a wonderful guy, wrote it as well. He has a great love of music and of LA where the film is set, where we shot it."

While Corenswet did not reveal any spoiler details about the film, it is still an intriguing tease nonetheless as it gives fans an idea of the tone that they can expect for the DCU reboot.

It is also an assurance that the DCU iteration of Superman will also pretty much harken back to the traditional roots of the character and it is interesting how it all works out in the final cut once we see the bigger picture of Gunn's vision for the film.

Superman is scheduled for release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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