Good Omens Renewed for Final Season, Neil Gaiman Teases Details

Good Omens
Credit: Prime Video

Good Omens
Credit: Prime Video

Earlier this summer, the highly-anticipated second season of Good Omens premiered on Prime Video to critical success as it received positive reception again from fans and critics.

With the second season finale's cliffhanger ending, fans have been wondering whether the series will move forward with a third season as no official announcement has been made yet during that time.

Creator Neil Gaiman has teased that he is planning to continue it with a third season as he still has more stories to tell based on the plans that he made with the book's co-author Terry Pratchett before his passing.

Now, we finally have the long-awaited update on the show's future.

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Amazon Renews Good Omens for Third and Final Season

Good Omens
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Credit: Prime Video

Variety has confirmed that Good Omens is returning for a third and final season on Amazon Prime Video. Production is set to begin soon in Scotland.

In a statement, Gaiman shared his excitement over the show's renewal for the final season and finishing the story that he planned with Pratchett. He also teased some details regarding the finale.

"I'm so happy finally to be able to finish the story Terry and I plotted in 1989 and in 2006. Terry was determined that if we made Good Omens for television, we could take the story all the way to the end," the award-winning author said.

"Season One was all about averting Armageddon, dangerous prophecies, and the End of the World. Season Two was sweet and gentle, although it may have ended less joyfully than a certain Angel and Demon might have hoped."

Gaiman added, "Now in Season Three, we will deal once more with the end of the world. The plans for Armageddon are going wrong. Only Crowley and Aziraphale working together can hope to put it right. And they aren't talking."

This is wonderful and bittersweet news for fans who have been supporting the series since the beginning and, most especially, fans of the novel since they can finally see the bigger picture of Gaiman and Pratchett's entire grand plan for the apocalyptic story.

Hopefully, the final season will be able to stick the landing and deliver a heavenly conclusion that fans are going to be happy about, particularly in the relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley.

The first two seasons of Good Omens are available to stream on Prime Video.

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