Frozen Spin-Off 'At Home With Olaf' Announced by Disney Animation

Frozen is a ridiculously popular property for Disney right now, with the first two movies making a ton of money for the company. While most of us expected a third movie to get announced, it looks like Disney has something else planned now that the Coronavirus has forced everyone to stay at home. In an interesting little move, Disney Animation has announced At Home With Olaf, a new web series starring the Frozen character.

The series was created and animated by Hyrum Osmond with Josh Gad once again providing the voice for Olaf. Both Osmond and Gad worked on this project while at home so that should make for a relatable experience. After all, everyone is working from home right now, aside from some brave people who are doing everything they can to make sure we have food and all of our daily needs so we can appreciate Gad and Osmond working from home to entertain us.

All of these episodes will be released on social media so you won't have to get a Disney+ subscription to check it out. We're sure that this is going to be fun and Gad almost-always gives it his all when it counts. Hopefully, this new series will be able to entertain those who are at home, which we can't get mad about.

If you're curious, check out the first episode of At Home With Olaf above on the embed. Expect more episodes out soon. Disney+ streams Frozen 2 now so if you haven't seen it, watch it already.

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