Frieren x Super Groupies Collab Recreates Frieren's Earrings and Trunk

Frieren Super Groupies Frieren

Frieren Super Groupies Frieren

With Frieren’s popularity continuing to be at an all-time high, the series is getting more and more merch collabs. The latest is a Frieren collection by Super Groupies that features an accurate recreation of Frieren’s earrings.

This collab may not have the widest selection, but it promises to be a must-buy for the biggest series fans.

After all, this collection’ three pieces are subtle enough to work well for everyday use, all while being beautiful recreations of Frieren’s signature items.

Super Groupies Recreates Frieren’s Earrings in Real-Life

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The Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime by Madhouse premiered in September 2023, and it quickly became one of the most acclaimed shows of the year thanks to its unique fantasy story.

Since then, the anime has gotten an array of collabs. It may not be to the extent of shows like Spy x Family or Jujutsu Kaisen, but Frieren fans have been treated to some cool merch.

The newest collab is with Super Groupies, a notable Japanese brand that specializes in anime-inspired collections. Just recently, the brand teamed up with Berserk for a new collection.

Shortly after, Super Groupies shared another anime line, this time for Frieren, which features a near 1:1 replica of the elf’s earrings.

This pair of earrings is made of glass with a red hue that closely emulates what Frieren wears in the anime and the manga.

What’s great about it is that, aside from being the perfect capstone for a Frieren cosplay, it’s stylish and subtle enough to work well for everyday wear.

To complement this, the collection also features two accessories that are great for daily use.

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Frieren x Super Groupies Collab Pre-Orders Now Available

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The next piece in the collection is a shoulder bag that’s essentially Frieren’s trunk, but much smaller.

Finally, there’s a long wallet in white and navy with gold zippers and red stones. This wallet should look familiar to fans as it’s patterned after Frieren’s outfit.

Price-wise, the earrings have a price tag of JPY 8,800 (around USD 60) while the bag and wallet are priced at JPY 15,400 (around USD 104) each.

These items are available for pre-order now until February 25 on the Super Groupies Japan website. They will then be shipped in April 2024 for the earrings and June 2024 for the bag and wallet.

Sadly, Super Groupies US will not officially release this collection, meaning fans in the US should use a proxy shipping service to order them from Japan.

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