Dune Part 2: Is Lady Jessica Evil? Character's Journey Explored

Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica in Dune
Credit: Warner Bros.

Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica in Dune
Credit: Warner Bros.

Is the Dune: Part 2 character Lady Jessica evil? Some fans have been asking this question after watching the film and learning more about her in the sequel.

Let's explore the character's arc in the film below.

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Lady Jessica's Journey in Dune: Part 2

Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica in Dune: Part 2
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Credit: Warner Bros.

Throughout the events of Dune: Part 2, Lady Jessica is pregnant to Alia Atreides, whose adult version was seen by Paul in his future visions.

After she learned from Stilgar that their Reverend Mother was dying, Jessica drank the "Water of Life" to replace her. She successfully transmuted the poison and awakened the consciousness of Alia in her womb.

To convince the Fremen in Arrakis about the prophecy of Paul as the messiah, Jessica first went to the weak-minded citizens in the northern part of the planet.

Afterward, Jessica embarked on the South and united with the fundamentalist Fremen. She also convinced a local Fremen to let Paul drink the "Water of Life" (which is revealed to be sourced from a young sandworm's bile) when he arrives in the area.

In the end, Jessica's manipulation was successful as most of the Fremen were able to believe Paul as their messiah and see him as the savior of the planet.

Paul was also able to overtake the Emperor's throne and become the ruler. With the other Great Houses' refusal to acknowledge his ascendency, Jessica signified it to be the beginning of Muad'Dib's holy war.

Is Lady Jessica Evil?

Lady Jessica in Dune: Part 2
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Credit: Warner Bros.

The answer will always be dependent on the audience's perspective since her actions in the film can garner different reactions depending on who is watching.

For some people, Jessica's actions will be seen as evil since she was manipulating to make a false prophecy happen even if her own son is involved and she is the sole reason for his ascendency in Arrakis.

There will also be a segment of the audience who don't see Jessica's actions as evil since they just consider it as part of her responsibility as a Bene Gesserit.

In other words, the morality of the character blurs the lines of good and evil and there is no proper answer on whether Lady Jessica is evil or not.

Perhaps it will be clearer for the audience once they see what happens in the character in Dune Messiah and what the outcomes of her manipulation of Paul's ascendency will be.

Dune: Part 2 is showing in theaters everywhere.

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