Dune Part 2: Does Paul Atreides Become Evil? Character's Journey Explored

Dune: Part 2
Credit: Warner Bros.

Dune: Part 2
Credit: Warner Bros.

Does the Dune: Part 2 main character Paul Atreides become evil? This is one of the questions that fans have been wondering after watching the film and witnessing his arc.

Let's explore the character's journey below.

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Paul Atreides the Messiah

Dune: Part 2
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Credit: Warner Bros.

Throughout the events of Dune and Dune: Part 2, Paul Atreides was seen as a messianic figure for the Fremen and became the savior that would free Arrakis from the rule of the Padishah Emperor according to a prophecy.

Despite his attempt to resist the visions of becoming a messiah and assuring the Fremen that he wouldn't be seeking power, he eventually embraced his destiny and became the leader of the Fremen.

Paul, Chani, Lady Jessica, Stilgar, and Gurney confronted the Emperor in a climactic battle and successfully imprisoned him and his entourage including his daughter Princess Irulan.

Paul challenged the Emperor to a duel. Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen became the champion on behalf of the Emperor and he and Paul went on a duel knife fight.

The fight ended with Paul fatally stabbing Feyd-Rautha while Irulan offered herself as a bride to Paul to spare his father's life. Paul accepted it despite telling Chani that he would always love her.

The Emperor was left with no choice but to accept Paul's ascendancy by kissing his signet ring. However, the other Great Houses refuse to accept Paul as the new ruler and Lady Jessica signifies the beginning of the Muad'Dib's holy war.

Chani refused to acknowledge Paul's ascendency as she always saw the prophecy as false.

Does Paul Atreides Become Evil?

Dune: Part 2
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Credit: Warner Bros.

As always, it always depends on your perspective regarding whether Paul Atreides becomes evil in the film or not.

Given that the story doesn't have a traditional hero's journey and blurs the line on the character's morality, each audience will have their own interpretation of Paul's journey to becoming the messiah.

For some people, Paul's ascendancy to being the Emperor could be seen as a hero's journey since he is now a savior for the Fremen and free them from the ruling of the Harkonnens.

There will also be some audiences who will see Paul's journey as a cautionary tale since he becomes a false messiah and a potentially dangerous ruler due to the greed of being powerful.

Without spoiling the events, things will likely become clearer for many people in the third film which will tackle the second novel Dune Messiah, and explore Paul's ruling as an Emperor which doesn't go as pleasant as you may think.

Dune: Part 2 is showing in theaters everywhere.

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