Who Is Claude Dartois from Don't Hate the Player? Reality Veteran Hosts Netflix Show

don't hate the player claude dartois
Credit: Netflix France

don't hate the player claude dartois
Credit: Netflix France

Who is Claude Dartois in Netflix's upcoming reality series, Don't Hate the Player? The TV show host certainly looks familiar, so where have we seen him before? Learn more about the reality show veteran in this article.

Who is Claude Dartois and Where Have You Seen the Host Before?

don't hate the player claude dartois
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Credit: Netflix France

Claude Dartois has been participating in various reality TV shows since 2010's Les Aventuriers de Koh-Lanta, aka the French version of the Survivor franchise, where he had been a four-time finalist.

Dartois also previously competed in Koh-Lanta: Vietnam, Koh-Lanta: Les Heros, as well as Les Traîtres back in 2023.

He was initially supposed to be crowned the Sole Survivor in the 27th season of the Survivor franchise until his title was revoked for allegedly cheating.

However, this doesn't negate his career within the Survivor series, considering he was always a close winner in the past challenges.

Dartois was a runner-up in Koh-Lanta: Vietnam where he lasted for 40 days, and in La Revanche des Heros lasting for 23 days, even fans wanted him to take the crown then and there, had it not been for the scandal.

Now, thanks to this experience, we get to see Claude Dartois in a different light: not as a challenger or contestant in the reality show, but as a veteran host for the upcoming Netflix series!

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Claude Dartois Leads Netflix's Newest Reality TV Series

Reality show veteran Claude Dartois becomes the master of a new challenge on Netflix titled Don't Hate the Player aka Mauvais Joureurs.

This time, Don't Hate the Players follows 12 players to compete for a luxury villa to get their shot at claiming 150,000 euros for themselves.

In this game of survival, Dartois gets to oversee and entertain the new players across nine episodes, with the grand finale premiering on May 1.

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Meanwhile, the reality show Don't Hate the Player aka Mauvais Joureurs is available to stream on Netflix.

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