Did Kino Die In Andor?

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Did Kino Die In Andor 1
Credit: Disney

Andor is quickly establishing itself as one of the best Star Wars series ever made, liked even by people who are not normally Star Wars fans. Episode 10 was a triumph in its own right, with stellar performances, nuance, and heartbreak we aren't used to seeing in the franchise. But did Kino Loy die in Andor?

What Happened to Kino Loy in Andor?

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Credit: Disney

Cassian first met Kino Loy when he was unjustly thrown in Narkina 5, a high-security prison after being caught up in minor trouble.

Kino was a prisoner with less than a year's penalty left to serve, who had been assigned to supervise the floor Cassian was put to work.

At first, Kino Loy was stern and abided by the rules, intending to lie low at all costs, to be released on time.

However, Kino did have a strong justice and, over episode 9, he became increasingly troubled with the sinister truths revealed about Narkina 5.

Soon, information leaked that a prisoner who was supposed to be released was instead transferred to a different floor of the prison. When he revealed this information to his fellow prisoners, they rebelled, resulting in their deaths.

Kino hesitates and experiences a lot of fear and anxiety but, when it becomes obvious that he and his fellow prisoners were never going to go free, he agrees to cooperate with Cassian and the other men on their floor to organize a prison break.

Cassian, Kino, and the others execute a brave plan that finally allows them to gain control of the facility. They then proceed to tell the truth to all the other prisoners and urge them to escape.

Did Kino Die in Andor?

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Credit: Disney

Kino risked everything for freedom but it's strongly implied that he didn't get to taste it and possibly died. When the coveted exit route turns out to be a doorway leading to the sea, most prisoners dive intending to swim to the nearest shore or die trying. However, Kino reveals he can't swim.

Kino's fate is left intentionally ambiguous. It would be heartbreaking to think that none of the prisoners offered to help him out or take turns carry him, though this would probably be hard, as their survival was uncertain either way, and he would likely refuse to endanger anyone further.

In a recent interview, Andy Serkis, who played Kino, revealed about his character: "[Kino] is used to living now and has been incarcerated for such a long time.

He's used to a brutal existence, which really revolves around punishment or reward. Punishment by electrification and a reward by getting flavor in your food. He just wants to keep his head down. He's not interested. He's got a family that he wants to get back to. He's in this totalitarian nightmare, so he is closed down

. But when Cassian starts to question the strength of the Empire, and actually sees that there are holes in it, once the realization happens that, in fact, that maybe he will never be released, that is intolerable to him. It's like a trigger switch which enables him to then stop thinking about just himself and his release, and think about all the other people who are suffering on this ship with him. He starts to think about the greater good, and how he might enable and affect a journey out of there alongside Cassian."


Ultimately, we don't know if we are ever going to see Kino Loy again, or if there's any way for him to have survived.

No matter the answer, his character will be remembered for Andy Serkis' moving performance and for the character's growth over only a few episodes, from a man who simply kept his head down, to one who sacrificed everything for freedom.

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