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Andor: Andy Serkis Discusses Potential Kino Loy Return

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the events of the tenth episode of Andor. Read at your own risk.

The tenth episode of Andor ended with a major prison break in Narkina 5 with Cassian Andor and Kino Loy heading the operation. However, while Cassian and the other inmates were able to escape by jumping into the water, Kino's fate became unknown as he seemingly opted to stay since he does not know how to swim.

If we go to the conventional rules of TV shows, Kino is still alive at this point since we never saw any on-screen death that resulted from his participation in the prison break. There's also a chance that he decided to jump into the water off-screen. Either way, viewers are now wondering whether we will ever see the character again in the future.

Speaking recently with Collider, Andy Serkis, who plays Kino Loy, discussed what's next for his character after his ambiguous fate at the end of the recent episode. However, the actor didn't offer any answers since there have been no discussions about his future as the character after his appearance in Andor.

"Oh wow, I hadn't thought of that. I mean, the thing is, yeah, that would be an amazing thing. I don't know what the future holds for Kino Loy," he said. "Who knows? He might be stuck on that ship, or whatever, I don't know. But let's see. I haven't had any discussions yet. But I don't know, we'll have to see what everybody thinks of it and the outcome."

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In addition, Serkis, who has also ventured into a directing career with Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, expressed his interest in possibly helming an episode of the series.

He continued, "Look, even if Kino Loy goes no further, the short answer to your question is yeah, that would be a thrilling thing to do, to be part of the other side of it, on the other side of the camera for this world would be amazing."

Considering that Kino Loy's fate remains unknown and they didn't establish any on-screen death, there is a likelihood that we will see the character again possibly in the second season or perhaps another Star Wars project in the future that may address what happened to him after the prison break.

Based on the responses to his three-episode appearance in the series, a lot of fans will certainly be delighted if Serkis does end up returning as Kino Loy and find out his fate. Let's just wait and see whether they'll end up bringing him back or just leave his fate to the viewers' imagination.

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