Attack on Titan: Did Eren Really Kill His Mother?!

Did Eren Kill His Mother in Attack on Titan
Credit: MAPPA

Did Eren Kill His Mother in Attack on Titan
Credit: MAPPA

In the final episode of the Attack on Titan anime, Eren makes a surprising confession to Armin concerning his mother's death. Armin stops him from confessing more details, but did Eren really kill his mother in Attack on Titan?

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Why Carla Yeager is So Important

Attack on Titan Carla Yaeger
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Carla Yeager is Eren's mother in Attack on Titan. She was a waitress in a bar when she met Grisha in a flashback episode. Later on, both of them develop feelings for one another, eventually marrying and having Eren as their only child.

Grisha Yeager's past, however, has been revealed to Eren, Mikasa, Hange, and Levi in a huge revelation from the secret of the basement episode.

In case you missed it, Grisha was previously married to Dina Fritz, a royal descendant. To everyone's surprise, he also left a son named Zeke Yeager, who is later revealed as the Beast Titan.

While we were all shocked by the revelation, Attack on Titan delighted us once more when Eren discovered the Attack Titan's defining ability to see the memories of its previous holders after Historia's past was revealed, at the time Eren eventually kissed Historia's hand after the latter's crowning ceremony.

At this point, everything goes downhill as Eren's personality shifts, as evidenced by the empathetic expression on his face, which is the polar opposite of his spirited and determined expression in Attack on Titan Season 1.

While Eren gradually comes to terms with his identity, desires, and ultimate goals, he also follows a different path from everyone else, including Mikasa and Armin, as evidenced by the events of the Rumbling.

So, Did Eren Kill His Mother in Attack on Titan?

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Technically, the Smiling Titan killed Eren's mother, but Eren Yeager is to blame for this heinous assault on his mother.

Apparently, Eren completely manipulated the events that led to Dina Fritz's Smiling Titan walking in the direction of Carla Yeager, as revealed in Attack on Titan Chapter 139.

In Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1, Episode 3, it is also clearly revealed that the Smiling Titan completely ignored Bertholdt Hoover's existence after the latter had transformed into his human form.

The smiling Titan should have attacked Bertholdt, but instead, he walks forward, leaving a confused and terrified Bertholdt.

The reason for this is that Berthold plays a larger role in Eren's plan prior to the events that lead up to the Rumbling. Eren, in essence, requires Bertholdt for his plans to succeed. Eren admits this in his conversation with Armin in Attack on Titan Chapter 139 and in the final episode of the anime.

Throughout the years, Attack on Titan has had many twists and turns leading up to this point, when Hajime Isayama's magnum opus reaches its climactic conclusion.

The anime successfully tells the story of Eren and his greatest desire to achieve genuine freedom amid humanoid-eating giants known as titans, titan shifters, and the war between Marley and Paradis.

It is up to the viewers to decide whether Eren's actions are either right or wrong. Whether he is a villain or not, good or evil, whatever the case may be, Eren is a perfectly well-written character created by Hajime Isayama, the conductor of Attack on Titan's epic yet sometimes traumatic orchestra.

Ultimately, though, Eren has become the mastermind behind the story of Attack on Titan.

Eren was able to manipulate events after gaining complete control of the Founding Titan, even at the expense of the lives of his comrades, his father, and even his mother.

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