Can Colossal Titans Swim or Walk Underwater in Attack on Titan?

Can Colossal Titans Swim or Walk Underwater in Attack on Titan?

Can Colossal Titans Swim or Walk Underwater in Attack on Titan?

It seems like there’s no stopping Attack on Titan’s plot revelations. We thought we knew everything about the Colossal Titan as the series progressed, but we were surprised to see a horde of them embedded in the walls of Paradis. With that in mind, fans wonder, "Can Colossal Titans swim or walk underwater in Attack on Titan?"

It's been a long time coming, as we first met the series' first Colossal Titan in Season 1 when he blew a massive hole in the wall that protects Eren's hometown, the Shinganshina district. How the tables have turned after Armin survives by transforming into a Colossal Titan at the expense of Bertholdt's life. Isn't it true that time flies?

Eren's final and true form is on a killing spree in Attack on Titan Episode 87, in case you missed it. With a terrifying army of Colossal Titans threatening genocide among their enemies, the world's inhabitants face extinction.

While a single colossal titan can wreak havoc, what if there are a million of them? Even with everyone aware of their vulnerability and armed with anti-titan weapons, Eren's army of colossal Titans is a force to be reckoned with!

Keeping this in mind, viewers were left hanging after the show ended. Will the Allied Soldiers and Global Forces be able to put an end to the rumbling? What will become of Eren? Let's find out when Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 returns in 2023.

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Can Colossal Titans Swim or Walk Underwater in Attack on Titan?

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According to Attack on Titan Episode 87 and Attack on Titan manga chapter 130, colossal titans can swim underwater and cross the ocean effortlessly, bringing nightmares to every continent on earth. In fact, despite their enormous size and length, they are fast swimmers. Another aspect is their ability to emit steam, which is assumed to be unaffected when they are submerged.

Titans, according to Hange Zoe, are surprisingly light, which contributes to their speed as they are assumed to float with less density than humans. In fact, in one of the endings of Attack on Titan Season 2, it has already been confirmed after the titans were seen coming from the ocean and were walking towards a castle under the control of someone, most likely a founding titan, just like Eren's case.

Pieck, in her Cart Titan form, is also shown to be able to swim in the manga. Titans, in case you didn't know, don't have lungs, so they don't need air to breathe underwater. It will be a piece of cake for them to reach the shores of every island on the planet and wreak havoc.

Basically, it is up to Eren to decide and control his army of terrifying Colossal Titans, whether they walk on the seafloor or swim. Which one will you choose, in your opinion? A Colossal Titan that looks like a submarine or a Colossal Titan that genuinely swims? In any case, the sight of them swimming is a nightmare!

Now that you know about the Colossal Titans' swimming abilities, are you ready to be carried away in the currents of Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part Three when it premieres on NHK in 2023? We'll see you then!

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