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Deadshot Standalone Film Starring Will Smith Was Previously In the Works

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Will Smith has been in a lot of headlines lately due to his assault against Chris Rock in the middle of the recent Oscars ceremony which has led to the future of his career being in the lifeline as some of the projects that he was attached to have been put on hold or canceled altogether. As we are learning more details regarding this issue, a piece of surprising new information has emerged regarding one of the actor's former projects.

A recent article from Rolling Stone about Ezra Miller's future at Warner Bros. and DC amid their recent controversies revealed that a standalone film featuring Smith's Suicide Squad character Deadshot was previously in development. However, the project was placed on the backburner due to the actor's hefty $20 million salary and it happened long before his recent Oscar controversy.

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There have been rumors for years that Warner Bros. and DC were developing a Deadshot standalone film although we haven't heard many updates since then. The character's absence in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad seems to have indicated that we might never see him again in a future DCEU project. With this information amid the actor's recent controversy, it looks like any chances of the project coming to life have been put to rest.

Given the reception of Suicide Squad and the time that has passed since then, it's not surprising that the Deadshot standalone film will not happen anymore and the DCEU is also very different now than before. They have also moved on with a different iteration of the Suicide Squad so there is no chance for them to do a spinoff from the 2016 film.

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There is still a chance that we might see Deadshot appear on the screen again although it is likely that they'll recast him with another actor. It would be interesting to see if Warner Bros. and DC are still interested to use the character again in a future DCEU project. One thing's for sure is that it won't be a standalone film.

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