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Deadpool 3 Director Hypes Up Wolverine's Comic-Accurate Costume

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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Credit: 20th Century Fox

A lot of MCU fans have been looking forward to Deadpool 3 with one of the reasons being Hugh Jackman's highly-anticipated return as Wolverine years after last playing him in Logan and, this time around, he will finally team up with Ryan Reynolds' titular mercenary.

Jackman's comeback as the beloved mutant will also be special since it will mark the first time that he will wear a comic-accurate costume on the big screen as teased by the first look photo that they revealed on social media.

It is unknown yet how Logan will end up wearing the iconic yellow and blue costume in the film, but fans have been clamoring for it ever since Jackman first played the character in 2000's X-Men.

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Director Shawn Levy Teases Hugh Jackman's Comic-Accurate Costume as Wolverine

Deadpool & Wolverine
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Credit: Ryan Reynolds

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Shawn Levy discussed Jackman's comic-accurate Wolverine costume in Deadpool 3 where he explained why it was important for them to finally feature it in the upcoming film after all these years.

"Like the rest of the world, I've waited two decades to see Wolverine in a whole movie with Deadpool, and I don't know if this is our last shot at Wolverine on screen, so I was going to make goddamned sure we get the old yellow and blue just once, and that we get it right," he said.

Levy explained that they went through "multiple, multiple, multiple iterations and fittings" and it was helpful that the film is part of the MCU since he has "access to an army of the nerdiest nerds available to a Marvel project."

"Fortunately, it seems global reaction to those costumes has been overwhelmingly positive, so all's well that ends well," he added.

Aside from Wolverine's exciting comic-accurate costume, the director also revealed that the majority of the film was shot in a natural environment instead of the soundstage or in front of a green screen where most superhero films are usually shot nowadays.

It is truly exciting that the upcoming film will finally give the audience the opportunity to see Jackman's Wolverine in a comic-accurate costume. Based on the first look photo, it doesn't look as jarring as someone might have imagined and it has worked so far in their favor.

Given that it is a Deadpool film, we can also bet that Reynolds' character will poke fun at it during Jackman's first scene wearing the costume and it will garner a lot of reactions from fans when they see the film.

Deadpool 3 is currently slated for release in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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