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Dandadan Manga's Schedule: When are New Chapters Released?

Dandadan Release Schedule New Chapters
Credit: Yukinobu Tatsu / Shueisha

Shonen Jump is filled to bursting with exciting action manga, which highlights how big Dandadan is to rise above the rest. Dandadan’s release schedule will help you know when new chapters are released so you don't miss a thing.

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About Dandadan

Dandadan schedule ayase takakura
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Credit: Yukinobu Tatsu / Shueisha

Dandadan is an action-comedy manga following two teenagers who get caught up in supernatural events.

Ayase is a cool, popular high-school girl, while Takakura is a reclusive nerd. However, the two of them have a heated argument about ghosts and aliens – Ayase believes in the former, and Takakura believes in the latter.

Daring to prove their respective arguments correct, they discover that, actually, both ghosts and aliens exist. Suddenly, they are thrown into a world of the supernatural with both their lives on the line.

Dandadan was first published in April 2021 and has won over a wave of fans thanks to its funny, stylish characters and incredible action scenes.

The series has so far released over 100 chapters and 11 physical volumes. A Dandadan anime adaptation has also been announced for 2024.

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Where to Read Dandadan

Dandadan Shonen Jump Release Schedule
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Credit: Yukinobu Tatsu / Shueisha / Viz Media

Dandadan is published by Shueisha, the company behind Shonen Jump. However, the manga itself does not appear in the famous magazine.

Instead, Dandadan is published on Shonen Jump+, the online-only platform that hosts other popular series such as Spy x Family and Hell's Paradise.

Because it is deemed too mature, Dandadan is not available on Viz's Shonen Jump app like many on the Jump series. However, the latest chapters can be read on MANGA Plus, a similar service run directly by Shueisha.

MANGA Plus allows readers to view the latest chapters for free, so if you're keeping up with the series, it's the perfect choice!

Dandadan's Chapter Release Schedule

Dandadan Manga Release Schedule Okarun
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Credit: Yukinobu Tatsu / Shueisha

New chapters of the Dandadan manga are usually released weekly on Mondays.

Many of the most popular Shonen Jump titles are released on Sunday in the US to coincide with the magazine's domestic release on Monday. However, Dandadan is only released online, so the release time is slightly different.

Dandadan chapters are released at midnight on Monday (00:00 on Tuesday) in Japan. Due to timezone differences, that works out as follows for international fans:

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 (Monday)
  • Eastern Time: 10:00 (Monday)
  • UK Time: 15:00 (Monday)

Occasionally, Dandadan will have a one-week break, putting two weeks between new releases. However, that's quite a rare occurrence for Yukinobu Tatsu's hit series. More often than not, you'll find a new chapter available each Monday.

MANGA Plus provides details on the next chapter's release date (so long as it's been scheduled), so if you're unsure, just check online or on the app.

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