Is Shonen Jump Worth it for Manga Fans?

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Is Shonen Jump Worth it for Manga Fans?

Jump is one of manga’s most notable brands, but is Shonen Jump worth it for manga fans, both new and old?

It feels like every year, manga is getting even more popular. With so much demand and an incredible amount of great manga available, subscription services are inevitable. However, is it worth taking the leap when there are still other options available?

What is Shonen Jump?

What Is Shonen Jump Worth it for Manga Fans
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Shonen Jump refers to the online manga service provided by North American publisher Viz Media.

The title itself is a reference to Weekly Shonen Jump, one of the most popular manga magazines in Japan. That, along with spin-offs including Shonen Jump+, is published by Shueisha, co-owners of Viz Media.

Viz’s Shonen Jump provides officially translated versions of the many popular manga published in Weekly Shonen Jump and affiliated platforms. Popular series include Bleach, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer and many more.

Shonen Jump is available in most app stores and online through Viz Media’s website. Note that Shonen Jump is different to MANGA Plus, a similar service by Shueisha that specialises in publishing the latest manga chapters.

Is Shonen Jump Free?

Is Free Shonen Jump Worth it for Manga Fans
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Shonen Jump allows you to read some chapters of most manga titles for free. However, reading the whole library requires a monthly subscription.

On Shonen Jump, you can usually read the first three chapters of any manga series on the platform for free. You also have access to the latest 3-6 chapters that have been published.

The middle chapters of manga series, however, are usually behind a paywall. To read a full series, you’ll often need to pay a small monthly subscription.

Is Shonen Jump Worth It?

Is Shonen Jump Worth it
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If you’re into manga and want access to more titles, then Shonen Jump is worth trying.

There is no legal manga service that offers as big a library as Viz Media’s Shonen Jump. Whether you want to get into the most popular titles or discover something new, Shonen Jump will usually have what you want.

Shonen Jump is also a pretty good app to use. Everything is laid out cleanly, and there are simple features like favourites and ‘continue reading’ sections that make it easy to follow your favourite series.

There are only a few instances where Shonen Jump might not be worth it for manga readers.

If you are someone who wants to discover new hit series, you might want to check out MANGA Plus. While it’s not as sleek an app, it does have more of the freshest titles, such as Dandadan and Oshi No Ko.

MANGA Plus does also allow you to read the entirety of popular series for free, albeit only once. So, if you want to speedrun a particular series or chapter, this might be a better option.


If you’re only interested in one series, you also have the option of purchasing copies, either physical or digital. If you’re a slow reader, this might provide a better option for enjoying your favourite series without a subscription.

However, for the majority of fans, Shonen Jump is a great option. When it comes to ways to read manga legally, this is right up there, and with plenty of free features, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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