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Chainsaw Man VA Celebrates Power's 'Heroics' in Episode 9

Chainsaw Man Power Episode 9

Chainsaw Man’s latest episode was filled with action as both Makima and Kobeni showed off what they can do. In response, Chainsaw Man voice actress Ai Fairouz celebrated Power’s “heroics” in Episode 9.

On Twitter, Fairouz shared her reactions to Power’s supposed bravery and strength when up against Katana Man and his goons.

Though it seems that Fairouz watched something else, or she’s great at convincing herself that Power didn’t up and leave.

Power VA Reacts to Episode 9

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The recent turn of events kicked off in Episode 8 when gun-wielding assailants shot various public safety devil hunters, including the likes of Makima.

Meanwhile, Katana Man ambushed Denji, Power, Aki, and Himeno while they were enjoying some ramen.

When Katana Man whipped out a gun and shot Denji and Himeno, Power quickly got up to him and gave him a whooping.

But that wasn’t enough as Katana Man transformed into a fearsome devil hybrid to attack them.

While Aki was nearly successful in beating him, Katana Man was revived by Akane Sawatari.

Himeno had to sacrifice herself just to save Aki and rev Denji’s cord.

All the while, Power was in shock and was unable to move. Soon after, Power was nowhere to be seen as she seemingly left Denji and Aki to their fates.

Though it seems that Power's VA, Ai Fairouz, disagrees with the event.

In a tweet, she praised Power for “doing a great job” and for “bravely confronting a formidable enemy alone.”

She ended her statement with “as expected of the Prime Minister.”

Sensing that not everyone might share the same opinions, Fairouz’s tweet is locked as only people she follows can reply.

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Himeno, Denji VAs Respond to Power's "Appearance"

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While fans couldn’t react to what Fairouz said, that didn’t stop her co-stars from giving their two cents on the matter.

For starters, Himeno VA Mariya Ise shared the tweet along with her reactions.

Specifically, she asked in disbelief why Power just left Himeno there. She also ended the tweet with moo—a reference to Himeno mooing while in bed with Denji.

Speaking of Denji, his voice actor, Kikunosuke Toya, also reacted to Fairouz’s statement.

Toya shared Fairouz’s tweet and simply said “frightening…” which is pretty much the reaction of all other fans to the tweets.

While Power is nowhere to be seen during Katana Man’s attacks, we might just find out what happened to her in the next Chainsaw Man episode which will be released on Tuesday next week.

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