Chainsaw Man Recreates Eternity Devil Arc Hotel in Real Life

Chainsaw Man Hotel Denji

Chainsaw Man Hotel Denji

There’s no Season 2 announcement yet, but fans in Japan are in for a treat as Chainsaw Man and Tokyu Hotels teamed up for a collaboration that recreates the infinite hotel in the anime’s Eternity Devil arc.

While anime collabs are typically done with cafés or exhibits, this is a unique one as it will give fans an anime-themed staycation experience.

And as with other collaborations, there will also be limited-edition merch that are up for grabs.

Tokyu Hotels Recreate Chainsaw Man’s Infinite Hotel

One of Chainsaw Man's most memorable moments is when Denji and the other Public Safety Devil Hunters got stuck in an infinite hotel while up against the fearsome Eternity Devil.

While that’s not exactly a pleasant experience for Denji and company, this Tokyu Hotels collab promises to be a fun and comfortable stay for guests, all while giving them a Chainsaw Man-themed experience.

The highlight of this new collaboration is a hotel room with a special Chainsaw Man theme.

Instead of being a 1:1 recreation of the hotel rooms in the anime though, the themed rooms will feature imagery from the series.

While the collab will happen in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo, the “Endless 8” concept room’s decoration will vary by hotel.

Aside from the themed rooms, the collab will also feature an AR spatial sound experience that aims to reproduce the atmosphere of the endless 8th floor from the anime. Though thankfully, the Eternity Devil won’t be there.

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Chainsaw Man x Tokyu Hotels Collab Details

As with Chainsaw Man’s other collabs, this new experience features illustrations of the series’ main cast wearing hotel staff outfits.

What’s cool about the collab is that these uniforms will also be worn by Tokyu Hotels staff during the collaboration period.

For guests who stay at the hotel during the collab, a special menu will also be offered, featuring dishes like Denji’s breakfast set, a Makima affogato cheesecake, Power’s red soda, and more.

Finally, guests who stay at the hotel will get a bunch of limited-edition goodies, including a drawstring bag, acrylic stands, a pass case, and more.

The Chainsaw Man x Tokyu Hotels collab will happen at the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu from July 1 to September 30, 2023.

Meanwhile, the collab will also be available at the Shin-Osaka, Hakata, and Sapporo Tokyu Hotels from August 1 to October 31, 2023.

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Source: Tokyu Hotels

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