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Chainsaw Man Opening Sequence Has Fans Celebrating Awesome Future Devil Moment

Chainsaw Man is finally here and the anime arrived with an exciting opening sequence. Not surprisingly, fans are loving the opening sequence and are celebrating Future Devil's brief yet energetic appearance, proving yet again that future is best.

The Chainsaw Man opening sequence debuted in the anime's first episode but it didn't take long for the franchise's official Twitter account to share a non-credit version of the video. Featuring the theme KICK BACK by Kenshi Yonezu, the opening sequence shows the Public Safety Devil Hunters doing everyday things. In addition to that, the video offers glimpses at the Devils who are set to appear in the anime. Check it out below.

Sure, it's great to see Denji, Makima, Power, and Aki Hayakawa playing bowling or watching a movie. However, fans are zeroing in on the always playful Future Devil doing a little dance and proving to us that future is best. Needless to say, its catchphrase "Future best" ("Mirai saiko") is currently trending and confusing netizens.

There's a good reason why people are putting a lot of focus on Future Devil over the other Devils in the Chainsaw Man opening sequence. In the manga, Future Devil is decidedly different from the others for being seemingly good-natured and playful. It also connects with Aki Hayakawa for an unexpected reason that we won't spoil for non-manga readers just yet.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 has just been dropped and it proved to be a faithful adaptation of the manga's first chapter Dog & Chainsaw. In Episode 1, we meet Denji as he works with the Chainsaw Devil Pochita in hunting down devils in an effort to pay off his dead father's debts. However, the old man who hires Denji later delivers him to the Zombie Devil who kills the boy and Pochita.

Although this should be the end for the two, Pochita is revived by Denji's blood and it makes a contract with him to be Denji's heart if he shows the Chainsaw Devil his dreams. The union resurrects Denji who then kills the Zombie Devil and the zombies it created.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 concluded with the arrival of a mysterious woman who says she is with the Public Safety and offers Denji the chance to live as her pet. The first ending theme is Chainsaw Blood by Vaundy.

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