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Chainsaw Man Fans Flip Out Over Reze Post-Credits Tease

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Chainsaw Man Episode 12 is finally here and it had a truly awesome post-credits scene that has fans hyped up for the anime's return. Although the Katana Man arc is not yet completely over, the final episode's last three minutes teased the future that would include fan-favorite character Reze.

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Post-Credits Scene Introduces Reze

In Chainsaw Man Episode 12, Aki Hayakawa faced the Ghost Devil and defeated it, thanks to the help of the deceased Himeno. This allowed Kobeni to capture Akane Sawatari while Denji took on Katana Man.

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The episode concluded with an ending sequence showing Aki, Denji and Power shopping for groceries before preparing and enjoying a meal together. When Denji and Power fall asleep, the post-credits scene follows Aki as he smokes the cigarette given to him by the Ghost Devil. Meanwhile, Denji dreams about the locked door all over again but this time, Pochita warns him never to open it.

In the last 15 seconds of the sequence, a girl is shown walking to a cafe but her face is never revealed. She then asks Denji if he would rather be a City Mouse or a Country Mouse.

Not surprisingly, fans already know who this is. Needless to say, people are already celebrating the arrival of Reze, causing her name to trend on Twitter.

In the manga, Reze is introduced in the Bomb Girl arc as a waitress who becomes interested in Denji. Although he is also attracted to her, Denji is concerned about how their friendship would affect his "relationship" with Makima. Reze is played by Reina Ueda, who previously voiced Kanao Tsuyuri in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

For now, Chainsaw Man Episode 12 is the anime's last episode. However, it is believed that the first season will get a second cour that will consist of another 12 episodes. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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