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Chainsaw Man Fans Convinced Aki Hayakawa is MAPPA's Favorite After Gorgeous Episode 10 Sequence

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The latest episode of Chainsaw Man was an exciting one as Denji and Power found themselves training under a new Master. However, Episode 10 also had an emotional sequence as Aki Hayakawa dealt with the death of Himeno and several colleagues. Interestingly, fans are now convinced that Aki is MAPPA's new favorite character.

Chainsaw Man Episode 10: Aki Hayakawa Mourns for Himeno

In Chainsaw Man Episode 10, Aki Hayakawa awakens in the hospital and realizes that Denji and Power have visited him. As usual, the two bicker but eventually leave, stating that Makima has called them. Once alone, Aki decides to smoke but stops when he remembers Himeno.

It's an emotional sequence as Aki slowly allows himself to mourn for his friend. On the other hand, viewers were also distracted by how the scene clearly made Aki more attractive than usual. Needless to say, people are saying that the Devil Hunter has become MAPPA's new favorite character to animate.

It's not a surprise that MAPPA is making Aki Hayakawa look ethereal. After all, the character is supposed to be a good-looking man. Still, it's clear that the studio enjoys animating the character a little too much.

The MAPPA Golden Boys

Aki Hayakawa is hardly the first MAPPA Golden Boy. Fans have previously noted that the studio favored Armin Arlert in the final season of Attack on Titan. Additionally, MAPPA seemed to be taking special care in animating Satoru Gojo and Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 10 also featured a major development for Aki as he decides to make a contract with a devil that has been captured by Public Safety. With that in mind, things are about to go downhill for the character in the following weeks.

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