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Chainsaw Man’s Devils Explained (Spoilerless for Anime Fans)

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Chainsaw Man’s Devils Explained (Spoilerless for Anime Fans)

Devils and demons are a common theme in many shonen anime, and Chainsaw Man is no different. However, the monsters here operate in a unique way. This guide to Chainsaw Man’s devils provides all you need to know while watching the anime this Fall.

The Chainsaw Man manga is far ahead of where the anime will get to this season and has revealed some additional info that won’t be covered here. However, if you’re looking for a basic guide while watching the Chainsaw Man anime, this is the perfect thing!

How Do Devils Work in Chainsaw Man?

The world of Chainsaw Man is filled with devils – beings born from the general fears and dismays of the populace. These devils all possess an innate hatred for humans, needing to feed off their fear and blood.

Chainsaw Man’s devils can be born out of any fear, whether caused by something tangible – say, a tomato – or intangible concepts, such as the unknown. Each devil embodies what said fear looks like in our minds, producing a form that appears as a mix of human with the fear itself.

Chainsaw Man’s devils are not just demonic monsters – they each have minds and personalities of their own, with some intelligently blending into human society.

There are some basic traits seen in all devils. The most surefire way to ‘kill’ a devil is to destroy their heart, as devils can regenerate any other injuries by drinking blood. All devils can also form contracts – more on that later.

Beyond those basic devil abilities, however, the power – and threat – of each devil can vary massively, from ones that cause minor disturbances to international threats. Most devils benefit from some unique ability related to their form, which can define their level of strength.

What’s the Difference Between Devils and Fiends?

Chainsaw Man Fiends Devils Difference
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Another ability shared by all devils is possessing human corpses, creating a sub-category known as fiends.

Fiends are devils that have decided to embody a corpse, often as a means of survival. They are identifiable by their human bodies with devilish additions, such as Power’s horns.

Devils lose a lot of their original power when becoming a fiend, so it’s often the last resort. A fiend loses the ability to form contracts and can also have its devil personality reshaped by the host body depending on its state at the time of possession.

As a result, fiends tend to be a grey area in Chainsaw Man, both in terms of their abilities and their alignment. Some fiends are friendly to humans and relatively weak, while others can be pretty strong and very anti-human.

Note that Denji is not a fiend due to the nature of his connection with the Chainsaw Devil. Chainsaw Man himself is referred to as a hybrid, which is explored later in the series.

How Do Devil Contracts Work?

Chainsaw Man Devil Contract Explained
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Contracts are a crucial part of Chainsaw Man’s universe and a defining factor for many of the main characters. A devil and human can enter a contract in which the human can call upon its power in exchange for a sacrifice.

Despite devils’ hatred for humans, contracts are common due to the exorbitant price humans tend to pay. Contracts are often weighted in the devil’s favour, with humans offering body parts, lifespans or even other relations in exchange for power.

A verbally-agreed contract cannot be reneged by either party, meaning they often remain tied together until death.

Of course, there is much more for you to learn about the wacky world of Chainsaw Man’s devils. Even manga readers are continuing to discover new facts and traits! However, this should give you a basic understanding from which to explore the world of Chainsaw Man.


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