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Chainsaw Man: Denji's Reaction to Asa Mitaka Kiss Delights Shippers

Chainsaw Man Asa Kiss Denji

Chainsaw Man just got a new chapter, and it’s driving fans wild with excitement, but not because of action. Instead, Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 delighted AsaDen shippers as they found out what Denji thought about his kiss with Asa Mitaka.

This new chapter may not have much in the way of action, but it does feature a pivotal sequence between Denji and Nayuta which reveals Denji’s feelings about the series’ other main character.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 spoilers in this article.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Confirms Denji’s Feelings for Asa Mitaka

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The new Chainsaw Man chapter begins with Denji and Nayuta wanting to go home, though Fumiko of Public Safety forbids them from doing so.

In response, Nayuta tries to kill her. Thankfully, Denji acts fast and tickles Nayuta, causing her to get distracted so Fumiko is saved. Denji then tells Fumiko to run.

Denji then confronts Nayuta, asking her if she really tried to kill Fumiko. Nayuta responds that she did because that’s the nature of Devils. She then asks Denji to switch sides and join the Devils.

Nayuta asks Denji if other people aside from her matter, but he is unable to respond because Asa Mitaka pops up in his mind.

When asked why Denji cares about Asa so much, Denji responds by saying he likes Asa, saying that nothing bad happened to him after they kissed (which is a first for Denji).

Denji then admits that he likes Asa, though he allays Nayuta’s fears by saying he likes her more. This delights Nayuta, and she agrees not to kill humans as they return to their apartment.

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AsaDen Shippers Are Delighted by the Latest Chainsaw Man Chapter

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The chapter’s events consisted mostly of just Denji and Nayuta talking, but the fact that Denji finally confirmed his feelings for Asa delighted the shippers.

Asa Mitaka has long acknowledged his feelings for Denij in her conversations with Yoru. Finally, with Denji also admitting his feelings, there’s a stronger chance now that they’ll become a couple in the future.

To celebrate the moment, lots of fans have already started sharing artwork and illustrations marking the confirmation.

Of course, that remains to be seen given the recent developments. After all, Yoru has become stronger, so there’s no telling what her next plans are.

Plus, this is a Tatsuki Fujimoto story, so fans would probably be wise to prepare for the worst.

Chainsaw Man will continue with Chapter 150, which will be released in two weeks.

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