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What Is the Chainsaw Man Church? Its Origins and Goals Explained

Everything You Need to Know About the Chainsaw Man Church
Credit: MAPPA

In recent Chainsaw Man chapters, the Chainsaw Man Church has gained traction as an up-and-coming organization that takes over the world one member at a time. But what is the Chainsaw Man Church, exactly?

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Just What Is the Chainsaw Man Church?

What Is the Chainsaw Man Church
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Credit: MAPPA

Despite its name, the Chainsaw Man Church isn't a religious group. The organization is alternatively known as Chainsaw Man Society for World Peace.

That being said, the members' regard for Chainsaw Man is akin to worship.

Their obsession with Chainsaw Man, to the point of risking their lives to kill Devils (presumably without appropriate training), suggests a cult-like mentality.

In recent chapters, we learn that people like Sword Man, a Hybrid formerly controlled by Makima, have joined the Chainsaw Man Church in gratitude for being saved by Chainsaw Man.

But the Chainsaw Man Church doesn't only welcome Chainsaw Man fans and Devil victims.

Recently, more and more young people are joining just for the fun of it, with the organization now counting over 20,000 members.

Who Is the Founder of the Chainsaw Man Church?

Chainsaw Man Church Founder
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

So far, we know that the founders of the Chainsaw Man Church are Fami, Haruka Iseumi, and the so-far unnamed leader, a middle-aged man who appears to have been manipulating his young recruits.

Fami, the Famine Devil, is the brain behind the organization and operates largely behind the scenes.

Iseumi, a Chainsaw Man devotee who has a starter like Denji's surgically implanted in his chest, serves as the face of the Chainsaw Man Church.

To add credibility to its claims, the Church uses a Chainsaw Man impostor. Currently, it isn't clear if he's a second Chainsaw Devil or a complete fake.

Asa Mitaka, urged by Fami, becomes the Chainsaw Man Church's poster girl by killing many Devils to keep Chainsaw Man safe.

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What Does the Chainsaw Man Church Do?

Chainsaw Man Church Activities
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

The members of the Chainsaw Man Church spend much of their time hunting Devils, as they believe that doing so helps their idol.

They also participate in protests, especially against anti-Chainsaw Man campaigns. This latter activity worries characters like Yoshida. Plus, most of the Church's members are high school students.

It was feared that if their numbers kept rising and their fervor remained, they could become a dangerous mob with the ability to influence politicians when they came of age.

Is It the End of the Chainsaw Man Church?

The End of the Chainsaw Man Church
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Credit: MAPPA

Such fears were dissolved when the Church was dubbed as a terrorist group. But there's a much more sinister threat now.

In recent chapters, the Church is found to be in possession of many weapons; something its young members were unaware of.

Most of them were taken into custody, with plans for their rehabilitation. This won't be enough though.

As Barem, one of the Church members, reveals, most followers were contracted with the Fire Devil.

Since the young Church followers viewed themselves as agents of justice, they were lied to and told that they were entering contracts with the Justice Devil.

Many of them were coerced into child marriages which doubled as Devil contracts. The contracts promised them that they would transform into whatever they desired.

What they were not told was that the more contracts took place, the greater their powers would be. Secondly, they didn't know that once they transformed, they would likely start losing themselves.

Now, most of the Church followers have chainsaws growing from their heads, and they're mindless killers, making them a real threat to humanity.

What Is the Goal of the Chainsaw Man Church?

Chainsaw Man Church Goals
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Credit: MAPPA

Officially speaking, the members of the Chainsaw Man Church intend to create a world free of evil by helping Chainsaw Man in his mission. But it now appears that Fami's ultimate goal for the Church is to defeat the Death Devil.

A Nostradamus Prophecy foresees a Devil Apocalypse, and the Church followers believe that Chainsaw Man is the key to preventing this disaster.

Fami tells Asa/Yoru that the secret goal of the Church is to take care of all Devil threats to weaken Chainsaw Man and allow him to live a normal life.

Of course, Fami isn't exactly trustworthy, so she probably said this to manipulate Asa.

Nayuta is able to deduce as much when the Fire Devil fiasco is revealed. As one of the Four Horsemen, Nayuta is well aware of who the prophesied "King of Terror" is, and it's her eldest sister, the Death Devil.

Fami's real plan isn't to weaken Chainsaw Man but to amplify his powers. Her intention is to use the Church to spread fear about both Chainsaw Man and the War Devil.

Remember that in Chainsaw Man's universe, people's fear of a Devil makes the Devil stronger.

If both Chainsaw Man and the War Devil became very powerful, Fami thinks that they would be able to defeat the Death Devil.

But what if her Chainsaw Man Church machinations bring about something much worse?

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